ADB mourns Dirk Van Nieuwenhuysen

Dirk Van Nieuwenhuysen

ADB Lighting Technologies has, with great sadness, announced the passing of one of the company’s longest serving friends, its popular sales manager, Dirk Van Nieuwenhuysen, on 13 November 2012. Dirk, aged 50, had worked exclusively with ADB Lighting since the mid 1980s.

 In three decades that saw immense change in the entertainment lighting industry, he contributed greatly to the company’s development, and helped oversee the transition through its management buyout from former owners Siemens in 2002, to today’s privately owned, independent and thriving company.

 ADB CEO Christian Léonard, said: “Dirk has been part of ADB’s history and a great friend and a huge source of inspiration. He played a major role in helping to build ADB Lighting, and as part of that he was a wonderful ambassador for the company in Europe. We will miss him, his warm company, wisdom and friendship very much personally, but while we mourn him here, our thoughts are also very much with his wife and children.”

 The remembrance service will take place Monday, 19 November at 11:30 in the Aula van Begrafenissen Pues, Eikestraat 2 te Winksele-Delle, Belgium, followed by a private family cremation.

The family has requested no flowers be sent. 

 Condolences to the family can be sent via the following


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