Alice in Paris’ Moulin Rouge wonderland: Robert Juliat follows legendary French spot

Alice is the blinding star of the iconic Moulin Rouge revue, Féerie, but we’re not talking long legged gorgeous dancer here. This famously emblematic cabaret of Parisian nights and entertainment since 1889, recently renewed its followspots and chose Alice, the latest in Robert Juliat’s generation of LED followspots.
These 600W LED followspots really make the show by themselves, here’s the story.

French Cancan. Photo ©Moulin Rouge® – S.Franzese.

Long before the Baz Luhrmann hit movie in 2001, Le Moulin Rouge had, and still has, a unique atmosphere that appeals to both Parisians and visitors from all over the world, with 600,000 spectators annually and two performances per evening, seven days a week. This show, which has been on the bill for 19 years, tells the story of the Moulin Rouge over two hours of amazement and spectacle, mixing dance scenes and variety acts.

Pirates – The Masks. Photo ©Moulin Rouge® – S.Bertrand.

Every evening, a dream world is invented on stage with 60 artists, 1000 feather costumes, crystals and sequins, exceptional performances, sumptuous sets and original French music, not to mention the famous French-cancan.
Robert Juliat’s Alice followspots have found their place in this legendary venue, installed on a technical bridge, from where they cover distances of 15 to 30 metres across a 30m wide stage.

Christian Bréan, Light Designer.

Chosen for its low energy consumption, excellent beam quality and colour temperature, Alice is also ideal for its operators who really benefit from its ease and comfort of use.
This LED model gives off much less heat than older, conventional models – a very valuable quality to ensure they perform at their best for four hours a night.

Supplied by Alterlite, one of Robert Juliat’s French distributors, these new LED Alice followspots also meet the aesthetic expectations of the venue’s technical teams, as confirmed by Christian Bréan, lighting designer at Moulin Rouge.
He adds “I was very confident during the tests in comparing our old Lucy 1200W discharge units with the new Alice LED followspots, and I see today that we made the right choice.

François Juliat, Robert Juliat CEO.

The uniformity between the three Alice followspots and the light output remain constant over time. This is essential for a show like Féerie where we highlight three soloists on stage throughout the review. With the Alice, the relationship is very balanced between the three artists.”

“2019 is a great year for both the Moulin Rouge and Robert Juliat. This historical French cabaret is celebrating 130 years, and as the same time, Robert Juliat is 100 years old,” says Robert Juliat CEO François Juliat.
“This is proof that we can be a hundred years old and be part of modernity. Thanks to new technologies we remain eternally young!”

The Circus Finale. Photo ©Moulin Rouge.

More information on Alice and Robert Juliat’s full portfolio of LED, tungsten and discharge lighting fixtures.

Crédits - Text: Robert Juliat. Photos: © Moulin Rouge.

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