City of ParookaVille, pop. 210,000 attendees, shining with the help of CLF

CLF Lighting fixtures galore on ParookaVille Time Lab stage, including Orion hybrids as sky beams on top of the round bunker structure.

The 2019 edition of ParookaVille at Airport Weeze featured an impressive number of CLF fixtures. The festival with 210,000 attendees took place for the fifth time.
CLF fixtures were used in the Time Lab, Wacky Shack, Brainwash and in all the sales outlets throughout the festival area. Rent-All GmbH supplied over 700 fixtures.

LD Janik Hensen (Dekor Event) for Lighting Design, Stage Design by Stefan Dicks and lighting concept of Robert Sommer.

LD Janik Hensen (Dekor Event) took care of the lighting design, including the Time Lab, based on a Stage Design by Stefan Dicks and a lighting concept of Robert Sommer.
In addition, his company took care of the site layout, production and material planning.

In the Time Lab, Aorun were used as main fixture, accompanied by the LEDbar Pro as a continuation of the LED surfaces. CLF Conan fixtures were used as washlight, because of their zoom function. All fixtures had to be lightweight, since the load capacity of the roof was limited. On top of the round bunker structure, Orion hybrids functioned as sky beams.

CLF Lighting LEDBar Pros at work at ParookaVille 2019.

Janik Hensen explained, “Thomas Koppers and I have set two stages exclusively on CLF fixtures. The many effect variations, the fast movements and the creative product approaches convinced us. But the reliability and outstanding rental availability were also important. All in all, the complete package was there. Especially worth mentioning is the LEDbar Pro is, it’s a multifunctional talent among the outdoor LED bars.”

Besides the Time Lab, the Wacky Shack area was also fully equipped with CLF fixtures. Furthermore, a huge number of Yara, Hera and Ares fixtures were used as ambient lighting. “All fixtures endured three weeks of rough festival conditions with dust, storm, extreme heat and colour powder parties, but we didn’t have a single technical failure from over 700 fixtures”, says Hensen.

Detail of CLF Lighting Beam6 installation.

Hensen’s main activities are event production and lighting design. With his company, Dekor Event, he develops sustainable concepts in the light and video area. The company relies on CLF products during many of their events.
Recently, the historic St. Mary’s Basilica, the largest point of pilgrimage in north-western Europe, was illuminated during a visit of Germany’s president. Also, the company has a beautiful set of CLF Apollo retro fixtures.

  • Project Lead: Christian Bergers (ParookaVille)
  • Project Lead Assistant & Design: Janik Hensen
  • Production Lead: Thomas Koppers
  • Lab Operator: Thomas Koppers, Janik Hensen
  • Wacky Shack Operator: Matthias Grah
  • Supplier: Rent-All Gmbh

CLF Orion hybrids as audience beams.

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Text: CLF Lighting. Photos: Spark | Vincent van den Boogaard.

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