Coemar performs his LED moult with Otello Fresnel and ReLite solutions

Coemar has undergone since some time now a radical change of its series of projector, a moult that begun in 2014 with the first LEDko profile luminaires.


Same format as the famous De Sisti Magis, the Mini ReLite module aims to renew traditional halogen 500 or 650 W bulbs with drastically reduced electrical consumption and heat.

This way, the development of standard tungsten bulb replacement solutions under the ReLite name has been successful.
Now available in GX9.5, GY9.5, GY16 and G22 base formats, the new ReLite HD and Mini ReLite will replace halogen lamps in conventional 300, 500, 650, 1,000 or 2,000 Watts PCs and Fresnels luminaires.

A living example here with the installation of a ReLite module inside a Arri ST1. A large number of brands are compatible.

Available in color temperature of 3,200K or 5,600K, these modules can also be controlled by the old dimmers linearly from 30% to 100%.
To fine tune the intensity adjustment and get DMX control, the ReLite Kit Led boxes will simply connect between the graduated lines of any conventional installation and the projectors equipped with ReLite solutions.


The new HD menu comes now quick touch buttons for tests ands settings.

Latest evolution of the LEDko Profile spots range, the Full Spectrum in 6 color model are now available in HD. The software change is comes with a new menu with a new LCD screen for these 210 W LED Profiles.
The 6 color mixing system benefits from, as previously before, the same precision with a 20 bit control of the 6 complementary colors: red, green, blue, white, lime and amber. The color temperature control is between 2,700K and 6,500K.

The colors you can get thanks to the LEDko Full Spectrum are remarkably fine, as pictured here during last Prolight+Sound exhibition in Frankfurt.

The 16 bit intensity curves are available in number of 4, all flicker-free guaranteed, preserving an CRI greater than 90. Users should also appreciate color management in various modes and the multitude of available accessories, top hat and fixed optics from 5° to 90° or other studio accessories, compatible with those already available on the market.


Apart from the DMX chassis plugs, the Otello have a quite standard look, calibrated for Movie or TV sets and for theatres.

The Led Phantom Fresnel, unveiled 2018, Q4 in motorized zoom version, is now replaced by the Otello range, Fresnel sources directly derived from the LEDko models.

These projectors are split into two source types, tunable white of 6 color system.
– The first one is named Otello 6 HD Variwhite and comprises a 150 mm diameter lens and a 200 W LED power. It covers the full spectrum from de 2,700K to 6,500K with a maximum CRI exceeding 94.

– The second one is the Otello 8 HD FullSpectrum, using a red, green, blue, white, lime and amber LED source with an optimum CRI exceeding 95. Bigger size, it has a 200 mm lens and a 300 W LED source. It also comes with Green- Magenta adjustment.

As in the LEDko Profiles, the HD electronics, the DMX input and the LCD menu allow particularly fine adjustments in 16 and 20 bits, flicker-free guaranteed, with large control possibilities of hues and color temperature, inspired by the way TV sets and operas use this kind of fixtures.

Available in various sizes and powers, the Otello remains of modest appearance and weight.

Last but not least, a motorized DMX controlled zoom, allowing the Otello to vary its projection angle from 10° to 83° (14° to 81° for the Variwhite version) while keeping a standard ergonomics with its yoke and its barndoors.

More information on the Coemar Website.


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Text: Stéphane Mocret.

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