The world's smallest gobo projector

Darklight’s Gantom iQx can be DMX-controlled

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Gantom iQ, the world’s smallest gobo projector, developed by Darklight, a young Californian company, is everything but a toy. A newer version of this ultra-compact, award-winning (including the much-coveted Etoile du Siel in Paris) fixture was just released in version iQx, with DMX control and once again, won an award for innovation, this time at LDI (USA).

Darklight IQx

 It is basically the size of a pen (90mm long, 30mm diameter), mounted on a 50mm high mini-yoke and integrates 2 lenses to adjust the beam angle between 25° and 40° and the focus on gobo.

Presentation of the Gantom iQx

Gantom iQx uses a powerful 3W LED Cree XP-G, cool white (6000K), allowing 350 lux at 1m with narrow beam (25°): stunning ! Of course, it is the LED dimming that can be DMX-controlled, as well as the pre-programmed effects, not the zoom nor focus…well, not yet 🙂

Thus, the great feature of this mini-projector is its built-in EEPROM enabling to store and play various effects: flicker, surge, strobe, fade-in, fade-out programmed on a lighting desk and that it will reproduce in a stand-alone mode. Gantom iQx receives the DMX stream on a small 3.5mm TRS jack connector or terminal via a XLR/jack adaptor and power (12V) is made through a 2.1mm DC jack. A new Ethernet/DMX converter was also displayed during LDI.

Gantom iQx in Christian Paillard's hand

Gantom iQx in Christian Paillard’s hand on Alterlite’s stand during JTSE show…

projection of gobo on Romain Blondel's shirt

… projection of gobo on Romain Blondel’s shirt, (Alterlite’s sales rep in greater Paris area)

Gantom iQx will be useful for numerous applications where a powerful and ultra-compact fixture is needed (museums, shop windows, decor lighting in opera houses, theatres, buildings…), thanks to its discrete size, quality of light and IP65 rating.

Characteristics :

  • Power supply: 12 V
  • Power consumption: 2,7 W (12 V- 225 mW)
  • Led lifetime: 50 000 h
  • Led type: Cree XP-G cool white 6000K
  • Body in black anodized aluminum
  • IP rating: IP 65

 Photometric data (Darklight) :

Mesures Darklight(EN) 




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