DTS Alchemy 5, a classic reinvented

DTS surprised us and moved me with nostalgia at the Frankfurt Prolight+Sound exhibition with the launch of a very likeable compact unit: the Alchemy 5. Very simply, this new Italian fixture takes on the look and feel of one of the world’s leading classic Washlights, originally equipped with a 575 MSR lamp, and still found (and utilised, sometimes!) everywhere on most TV studios.
DTS offers a device that revisits it from a LED source, with technical features and quality of colours absolutely remarkable.

The projector’s proportions, its aspect, its beam, and more

DTS Alchemy 5

All that has made us all loved its ancestor is there, but it is a machine infinitely more modern, and offering the latest technologies in terms of intelligent moving head: Wash designed to appeal to lighting designers looking for a malleable light and high colour accuracy, indeed.

A 6-color LED source playing with its 10° – 47° linear zoom through its 250 mm diameter Fresnel lens; this lens is surrounded by a black ring to wipe away any stray light, especially on wide apertures.
An oval beamshaper, rotating and indexable on 360°, steps in at will to model the beam according to a tried and tested method.

Controllable in DMX-RDM, ArtNet and sACN, the Alchemy 5 comprises, directly addressable in DMX512, a matching library for most of the gels LDs might want to use according to this or that light source, be it tungsten or discharge lamp. The color mixing can be controlled in RGB, CMY and HSI, or in RAW mode for those wanting to directly address the 6 primary LED colors.

More info on the DTS Website.


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Text & photo: Jocelyn Morel. Translation: Bruno P. Souchaud.

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