ETC Rent goes ‘Live in Leith’

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ETC dealer, Black Light, has supplied new High End Systems gear through the ETC Rent program for Leith Theatre’s latest venture in Edinburgh: ‘Live in Leith’. ‘Live in Leith’ will be taking place at the well-known Leith Theatre from the 20th March with musical performances from different artists being broadcast live in a series of digital gigs.

The performances will be lit by 24 TurboRay fixtures which were supplied by Black Light who act as an official rental hub for the ETC Rent program. The automated fixtures are a part of the High End Systems’ Effects family and are designed not only for wash and aerial effects, but as a powerful hard edge beam with special pixel-mapping effects.

© Ryan Buchanan

Field Project Coordinator at ETC, Matt Cowles comments: “ETC Rent gives local venues, rental companies and creative designers access to some of the latest fixtures from ETC and High End Systems. The program was introduced in the UK with the aim to help the industry get back on its feet following the effects of the pandemic. As Black Light are one of our four partners in the scheme and based in Scotland, it was an easy and efficient fit getting the fixtures over to the Leith Theatre.”

© Ryan Buchanan

Lighting Designer Grant Anderson has worked on the lighting for performances by Ransom FA and Nova Scotia The Truth for ‘Live in Leith’. Describing his lighting design, Grant says: “As both of my artists are solo performers, I wanted to create a sense of intimacy with the design so that the atmosphere wasn’t lost on what is a large stage.

I decided to have a grid of 4 trusses running upstage to downstage with six TurboRays on each one. The design created big statement looks but always with the intention of providing a solid platform for the artist to perform.”

“The TurboRays do everything from creating a tight grid of beams to washing the stage in color, I particularly enjoyed playing with dropping in and out the diffusion which gives super interesting beam work through the air but the face of the fixture looks excellent on camera. Additionally, individual control of each quadrant allows for some really dynamic effects and strobing,” adds the lighting designer.

© Ryan Buchanan

An ETC Eos Ti console was used by Grant to program the lighting for the shows together with Source Four LED Series 2 fixtures which were also used at Leith Theatre. The ETC lighting control desk combines the latest technology with powerful hardware, software, and award-winning color controls.
New and upcoming products will continue to be added to the ETC Rent platform which is available through ETC rental hubs: Black Light, SLX, TSL and White Light.

For more information, you can check the ETC website and the High End System website


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