From controller to the final pixel, ENTTEC launches ten new products

2019 is a great year for ENTTEC, launching 10 new products. Since 1999 the Australian manufacturer has made great progress. After the USB / DMX interface that made this brand famous, it offers us a complete range, from the controller to the light source.

Enttec is launching this year an important innovation, the 8PX60-12-B. It is a 60 RGB LED per meter stripled, each led individually adressable, powered in 12 V DC as though until now this kind of product was only available in 5 V. The individual of each LED has considerably widened the applications range, notably towards the diffusion of fixed or animated images.
The first step ahead with this new stripled is to benefit from a lower power per meter, and to be able to power up to 7 meters of stripled per line without any power of voltage at the end becoming a rendering problem.

The new 12 V RGB stripled with individual pixel control.

For this product, Enttec has retained the black ribbon for a more discreet integration. Another important innovation added to this 8PX60-12-B stripled is the redundancy on each LED. One or more leds may stop working, or be removed, without affecting the rest of the ribbon, and this will avoid losing a whole line in an image. We’ve also being told that, “for the moment”, the ribbon 8PX60-12-B only exists in RGB version…

The P-DOT-135 will satisfy every installer.

The second new light source product, the P-DOT-135 is a CREE XMLCTX RGBW led source producing up to 1,200 lumens, integrated into a completely customizable 135mm Ø receptacle.
Whether aluminum chassis, dome or connectors, everything can be adapted to different requests.

Mainly designed to benefit from a very long life as resistant to significant temperature variations (from -15 ° to +60 ° Celsius), it is mainly designed for premanent architectural projects, but can also be integrated into an one-shot event.

This new product has also been studied for use in large quantities. In addition to the ability to connect up to 128 sources per power supply, the P-DOT-135 is equipped with an automatic addressing and control system via the WS2812B protocol compatible with Pixelator, Plink System, Pixel Octo or Pixel Triton.

The Octo Pixel can handle up to 300 pixels, alone or via an external controller.

To control the different LED sources, Enttec offers the Pixel Octo box. It is mounted on a Din Rail (35 mm standard rail for standard electrical cabinets) and can control up to 300 pixels dispatched on 8 universes.
It is ArtNet compatible, sACN, KiNet and ESP compatible, as well as 3-wire and 4-wire (CLK) control protocols. It has, via a remote input, the widest power range on the market, from 4 to 60 volts.

Equipped with very practical functions such as the identification button that allows you to check connections without any external control signal, it has been specifically designed to simplify the installers’ life. The fixed or dynamic light status can then be created on an external system or by using the stand-alone mode using the internal effects generator.

Triton offers a rack-mountable control and power solution that can handle up to 1,360 RGB pixels. It is easily configured on any computer connected to the network.

We also discovered the all new Triton, the big brother in rackmount version of the Pixel Octo with an internal power supply. It has two DMX outputs each controlling 2,048 DMX channels, an RJ45 output and RJ45 input for the Art-Net and sACN protocols.
It can control up to 1 360 RGB pixels or 1 024 RGBW spread over 8 universes! If this is not enough you can extend the control capacity by connecting several Triton via an RJ45 cable.

To power the LED sources it is available in 2 versions, 260 W for 12 V systems and 300 Watts for 24 V PSUs. Just like the Octo Pixel it is configurable via a web page but does not include an autonomous mode. This device is designed much more for TV sets or to manage LED based decorations on events or concerts.

The latest innovation is the ELM Software, allowing you easy LED mapping map. It has a visualizer to pre-program the light cues. There is also the possibility of linking an audio signal in for an interaction between mapping and audio. It is available in several versions, ranging from 16 to 2,048 universes.

The ELM software is an easy solution to achieve mappings up to 2,048 univers.

You can visualize the effects in real time.

More info on the Enttec Website.


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Text & photos: Stéphane Mocret.

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