GHMT certification for Sommer Cable RJ45 ONESIZE socket CAT.6a

This is the age of Data Convergence for our Industry indeed. So many data flows of all kinds, Digital Audio (Dante, AES67, and more), Art-Net or sACN, Intercomms, HD Video, every kind of information with flowing Gigabytes of 0 and 1 flowing down the line all have to rely of some tiny Ethernet sockets and plugs here and there and everywhere.
The age of P.O.E. has come as well, from nifty small Dante converting boxes to bigger digitalized and self-powered bells and whistles, so better be on the safe side and go for the best for your connections, guys.

Considering all this, the German manufacturer Sommer Cable has designed something really strong for installers with the new, high-quality CAT.6a RJ45 module (10 Gbit) in the Keystone SnapIn format with its very short design depth.
It is suitable for tool-free assembly and full support of Power over Ethernet (POE+) applications.

To ensure the highest possible quality standard, Sommer cable had the module included in the GHMT Verification Program. Hence it’s also the ideal solution for installation environments requiring certified products.

This can be further enhanced by choosing the CPR certified SC-Mercator CAT.7/Cat.7a network cable recommended by Sommer cable. But owing to its large cross-sectional area (up to AWG 22/7), the module can be used with almost all CAT cables. It is available both as a practical set of 8 or individual units – incl. dust cap and cable binder.

More information and comprehensive technical details on the Sommer Cable WebSite.


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Text: Sommer Cable & Bruno P. Souchaud. Photo: Sommer Cable.

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