How Deep is your Low: Night Fever with RCF HDL 30-A for Bee Gees Tribute Show

The Seebühne open-air stage in Magdeburg, ready for Night Fever with its RCF set-up.

Composed of the three professional musicians from Germany bringing the music of the legendary Bee Gees to the stage, Night Fever is one of the most successful and authentic Bee Gees tribute shows worldwide.
As part of their extensive tour, the band made a stop on the Seebühne. To stage the show acoustically perfect, event professional Dalterio Eventtechnik trusted in the HDL 30-A system from RCF.

The HDL 30-A of Italian traditional manufacturer RCF, which is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, is the compact active 2-way line array system for medium to large events – a perfect choice for the Seebühne in Magdeburg.

2 arrays of 8 HDL 30 each side. The 12 x Sub 9004 subwoofers are placed on both sides of the stage in a row (endfire).

Joachim D’Alterio, owner of Dalterio Eventtechnik, on the use of the HDL 30-A: “We have been using RCF for almost 10 years and are very satisfied over all these years. Rigging the new HDL series is very simple and intuitive.
I love the sound of the RCF system very much because they sound audiophile and are assertive at the same time. A perfect mix, especially for such jobs.”
The Seebühne open-air stage, located in a park in Magdeburg (Germany), is an openly designed venue offering an atmospheric ambience, but because of this design, it holds some challenges for event techs and sound engineers.

The auditorium and the stands are divided, and many different directions and heights demand sound exposure. To meet these challenges, Dalterio used 2x 8 HDL 30 modules as the main array. Because the stage is located at the same height as the pit, the 12x Sub 9004 subwoofers were placed on the right and left side of the stage in a row (endfire) to save space.

2 RCF TT22 outfills.

4x HDL 30 modules, stacked on the right side of the stage and radiating especially into this area, covered an outer stand to the right of the stage. 2x TT22 as nearfills flew in the stage traverse. A further 2x TT22 outfill to the right and left of the stage provided additional sound exposure.

For the control and monitoring of the entire system, the Dalterio event technology team used RCF’s own RDNet platform. It enables the control and monitoring of every single device or object in the RCF audio system. Using digital signal processing for each device, with RDNet presets or parameter adjustments can be sent to individual objects or groups of objects.
RDNet users can change levels, delay, EQ (also phase-linear FiR) and additional settings. This also includes advanced subwoofer configuration.

Thanks to one of our recent articles, learn more about RCF’s RDNet platform and its new software updates. And here’s more information on RCF’s HDL 30-A Line Array System.


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Text: RCF. Photos: Marcus Scheuermann. 

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