The orchestra and choirs during rehearsal, nearly 300 artists for a great opus

L-ISA – Part 1 – Verdi’s Requiem with Gabert, Blanc-Garin & Duvet

The orchestra and choirs during rehearsal, nearly 300 artists for a masterful opus.

L-ISA, Immersive Sound Art is Christian Heil's latest sonic undertaking, with which he intends to restore the nobility of audio, the link between the artist and sound reinforcement. In this three-part report, we discover the innovation of L-ISA and its great potential.
Verdi’s Requiem, Jean-Claude Casadesus and the Orchestre National de Lille (ONL), and Lille's Mauroy Stadium served as a showcase for L-ISA, the new multichannel system driven by the L-ISA Controller.
We had the pleasure of exploring this system during a long day of listening, interviews and informal exchanges – each of them fascinating – with ONL management and sound and the L-ISA team, including an appearance - rare enough to be worth the trip - by Christian Heil.

The team who brought color back to Verdi. From left to right: William Duvet, systems engineer and liaison between ONL and L-Acoustics; Guillaume le Nost, L-ISA head of R&D; Fred Bailly, applications engineer, touring for L-Acoustics; Christian Heil, founder and president of L-Acoustics, father of coherent wave fronts etc, etc; Sherif El Barbari, head of application at L-ISA; François Gabert, sound engineer for ONL and mixer for the Requiem performance; Erdo Groot, producer and classical sound engineer in charge of following the score with François; and finally Stéphane Evrard, technical director for ONL.

We'll be presenting the story in three installments:

  • The first, here below, deals with the specific implementation of L-ISA for this event, talking with the users Frédéric Blanc-Garin and François Gabert, sound technicians for ONL, as well as William Duvet, who served as the facilitator between L-Acoustics and ONL.
  • The second part features Guillaume le Nost, head of R&D at L-ISA, a person whose talent and skills shine like a well-lit disco ball.
  • Finally, the third part is dedicated to Christian Heil's interview and our conclusions.

Three installments to help you know everything about sonic hyperrealism technology that could put a nail in the coffin of good old left/right.

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