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L-ISA – Part – 2 An interview with Guillaume Le Nost

Present at the Pierre Mauroy stadium – and as sought after as Christian Heil – was Guillaume le Nost, head of R&D at L-ISA, who answered our questions as well as he possibly could – not that he doesn't know, but that he knows too much... far too much.
The continuation of our triple report on the L/R-killer – episode 2 is here.

Guillaume le Nost

SLU : How does one go from video games to L-Acoustics?

Guillaume le Nost : The common theme is sound. Sound synthesis. I was working on sound generation algorithms while I was a part-time musician. The drummer in my band also played drums for another band with one of the acousticians of the L-Acoustics team.
I loved what he told me about his work and I joined the company on the same team. I got to participate in the design of the ARCS WiFo and the SB18. My past, which was more oriented toward signal processing, allowed me to propose ideas for algorithms, especially since software and signal processing have gained a lot of importance in recent years.

SLU : Will L-ISA remain as it is now – with few controls and controlled by specific rules – or will it evolve with more possibilities and flexibility for the user?


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