Ligabue at his best on nine-stadium tour with 236 RCF TT+ speakers

Believe it not, non-italian readers, but Ligabue, famous (and long-lasting!) Italian rocker has reached a 29-year career at the top of the charts. He’s just finished his Start Tour 2019 with an impressive stage set up in nine Italian stadiums with his five-piece band.
Following a risky vocal chord operation just over a year ago, Ligabue returns on the stage with his electric guitar, his powerful voice, a brand new stage, and no less than 236 RCF TT+ speakers.

RCF TT+ system, here with 236 devices, all interconnected to the RDNet management software, now in version 3.1.

The sound system is RCF’s trusted TT+ system, consisting of a total of 236 devices, all interconnected to the RDNet management software, now in version 3.1, that controls and monitors every component of the system.
“We have been using Ligabue’s TT + system for a long time and I am very satisfied with the results we get at every concert. Since the introduction of the FiRPHASE algorithms in the DSP, the system has improved the performance even more and always guarantees me the neutral and pleasant sound I am looking for. ” states the FOH engineer Alberto “Mente” Butturini, alongside Ligabue for many years.

Ligabue 2019 Stadium Tour stage front view.

The sound system designer Emanuele Morlini describes the audio system: “The main system combines 24 TTL 55-A modules for the MAINS suspended in L & R configuration with 100 Hz cut-off frequency (total 48 modules).
Then we have 12 TTL 36-AS subwoofer modules suspended behind the mains in L & R configuration. Operating in a range of frequencies between 60 and 100 Hz (total 24 modules), they are able to extend coverage on low frequencies over the entire listening area.” Twenty TTL 55-A modules have been set up to extend the coverage up to 180° on the Left and Right sides (total of 40 modules).

The low frequencies are managed with 60 TTS 56-A subwoofer modules in straight-line – on cardioid stacks of three modules – with 100° electronic arc. The external segments, made discontinuous by the presence of two frontal runways, are balanced with some tweaks on the RCF RDNet management software. The subwoofers on the extreme sides have been rotated offstage in an EndFire configuration for coverage beyond 180°.

Threequarter view giving an idea of the solutions chosen for ideal horizontal coverage.

How can you adapt the sound design for a stage that is 58 meters long, 22 deep? The backdrop of the stage is a mighty metal structure that supports the three LED screens that recall the two “L” of the artist’s name and a huge amount of light sources to create impressive visual effects.

“The coverage of the first few rows is backed by 16 TTL 33-A modules used as frontfills on the front stage. In addition, 4 clusters of 12 TTL 55-A modules were used as DELAY systems in the stadiums where there were no delays on the spot (all with the exception of Milan and Rome), “explains Morlini showing the sound system draft.

Winning pair: Ligabue & RCF.

“Thanks to this conformation the SPL coverage is stable and without significant cancellations throughout the entire listening area. At the same time, excellent attenuation on stage is guaranteed to have a dry sound for the microphones and optimal acoustic comfort for musicians.”

“I would like to be able to pilot this system more often. The quality of the system is remarkable and still valid even more than 10 years after its introduction on the market.” concludes Alberto Butturini.
“I am happy to have had the chance to help in the optimization process of this system. RCF is doing a good job with large systems.”

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