Martin Mac One: A compact wash/beam with effects and a fresnel lens

Harman Professional Solutions has announced the launch of the Martin MAC One, a new beam, wash and effect fixture with a Fresnel lens, which is guaranteed to make an impression. Compact, lightweight (4.4 kg), fast and highly versatile, this luminaire establishes a new category of ultra-compact moving head fixtures.

Martin Mac One

The MAC One stands out in three key respects. First of all, it features a high-intensity 4° beam for dynamic aerial effects. Its Fresnel lens distributes soft light over a zoom range of 4 to 27 degrees, delivering smooth transitions. A backlight system of 24 RGB LEDs on the inside of the lens provides additional eye-catching colour effects.

Driven by a 120-watt, custom-designed RGBL (Red, Green, Blue, Lime) LED engine that delivers superior colour rendering (CRI/TM-30/TLCI) compared to an RGBW source, the Mac One produces a luminous flux of 2,400 lm and a narrow beam intensity of 300,000 cd.

The MAC One sets itself apart by offering an innovative combination of features in an incredibly compact and lightweight format. The fixture is easy to handle and control, and opens up a world of creative possibilities for lighting designers and operators.
A large number of Mac One units can be used for a show without compromising on weight or space limitations, reducing transport costs and delivering a significant return on investment for rental companies.

On the left, a MAC Aura XIP; on the right, a MAC One.

MAC One is the perfect solution for lighting designers, rental companies and production companies who want to create arrays, fit into tight spaces or keep up with a musician on stage at close range. It can also be used to create “eye candy” on the stage when it’s not being used as a beam or wash.

With the optional “Fourbar” accessory, MAC One fixtures can be transported, rigged, removed and cabled in blocks of four, saving time when deploying multiple fixtures. An optional grid mounting adaptor allows fixtures to be rigged in (self-supporting) rows and arrays to create a ‘wall of light’ without needing a custom rigging structure. Rows and arrays can include a mix of MAC One and VDO Atomic Bold and Dot units.

The Mac One can be controlled by a video and/or DMX signal thanks to its support for DMX, Art-Net, sACN and P3 protocols. The P3 processor reduces the number of DMX channels – and console parameters – required, while offering simple configuration, mapping and addressing options. Video can be mapped to the Beam sources, the Aura backlight sources, or both.

“We can’t wait for LDs and users to experience MAC One for themselves. To say it’s like nothing else out there, really is an understatement as it packs so much creative potential into such a compact package,” declares Wouter Verlinden, Martin Product Manager, Creative LED, Lighting, and Control.
“Our goal was to combine a nice punchy beam with that classic throwback Fresnel lens and then once we added the RGB effect LEDs, it really has become a fixture that can do so many things in so many different applications. We look forward to everyone getting to experience it in person.”

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