Factory tour

Osram Opto Semiconductors, the stage lighting leadership

The exceptional 15W OSRAM OSTAR Stage RGBW is one of today’s most widely used multi-chip LED emitters. OSRAM has always closely collaborated with its innovative and responsive customers to identify their needs and develop great solutions.

With feedback from preferred customers like Ayrton, OSRAM optimized the Ostar SMT in the current four color form. (Ayrton was one of the first to bring an OSTAR Stage based fixture to market, in the Wildsun™500S, a powerful wash light. This was followed by a whole family of beam-projector luminaires, like the award winning MagicPanel™602). OSRAMs customer policy has paid off: since the OSTAR Stage was launched two years ago, the world’s biggest manufacturers of moving luminaires have switched over to this SMT LED component: Ayrton, Clay Paky, GLP, JB-Lighting, Martin, etc.


How did the OSRAM OSTAR Stage come into being and what makes this LED different from the competition? We decided to ask the German manufacturer’s technology and marketing team. They were happy to answer our questions.

The headquarters of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is in Regensburg, Germany. We went there with Yvan Peard, founder and CEO of Ayrton and Antoine Leveau, Sales Manager for OSRAM West Europe. The company’s sole focus over the last 40 years has been on developing a variety of Optoelectronic components for all types of market, as evidenced by thousands of international patents filed under its name.

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors in Regensburg

We were met by Marion Reichl, Media Relations Manager, who organized a meeting with the technical and marketing staff and a visit to one of the four chip production facilities.

A world leader in LED technology



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