The Prolights product portfolio has been expanded with the addition of a hybrid moving head that combines powerful versatility with a compact footprint, but also the IP-rated LED PAR lights, Astra PAR7IP and Jet PAR7IP, as well as the Flood300FC LED, an alternative to traditional flood lights. Fabio Sorabella, CEO of Prolights, presents them in a video.

Astra Hybrid 420

The Astra range, which includes most of Prolights’ flagship products, now boasts a new model with the introduction of the Astra Hybrid 420, a versatile fixture equally at home in the roles of Beam and Spot, with a variable linear zoom between 2.7° and 40°.

The Astra Hybrid 420 combines Beam and Spot capabilities.

The fixture is powerful – with its new Ushio lamp rated at 420 W and a nominal operating life of 6,000 hours – small and fast (for its class), with a compact size of 45×66 cm, but especially well-equipped!

Under its covers are two gobo wheels, one of which rotates with 10 positions plus a wheel with 18 fixed gobos. To color the beam, no less than six different wheels are used, three for CMY linear trichromy and three others which incorporate full colors and temperature correctors.

As for effects, the Astra has plenty to offer! It features an animation wheel with insertion and rotation control, two rotating combinable prisms with four and eight facets, and a linear frost.

To control all this, you’ll need 30 DMX channels (there is a single control mode, which is worth noting). The RDM-compatible fixture also features ArtNet, sACN and W-DMX control.

Astra PAR7IP et Jet PAR7IP

The new Astra PAR7IP and Jet PAR7IP are two IP65-rated LED PARs, that share most of their features, but have different output power. Each features a zoom range from 4.5° to 53°, a 7-LED RGB module supplemented by warm white, and a color temperature range from 2,800 K to 10,000 K.

The IP LED PAR line-up includes the Astra PAR7IP and Jet PAR7IP.

They can be controlled via DMX+RDM, as well as via CRMX (Lumen Radio) and W-DMX wireless protocols. The JET PAR features 20 W sources, while those of the Astra are rated at 40 W. The Astra is also equipped with Pixel Control for independent control of each LED source.

EclExpo Flood300FC

We continue our tour of the latest products with the EclExpo Flood300FC, an asymmetrical LED fixture designed to replace CDM or tungsten-source flood lights and other asymmetrical fixtures. Equipped with a 300 W RGB+warm white source, it generates a wide beam of 100° x 60°, perfectly suited for indirect lighting.

A pair of EclExpo Flood300FC units shown here fitted with their barn doors.

Its power and its high-end specifications, including a CRI/TLCI of 93, variable white (2,800-10,000 K), variable-frequency PWM (between 600 Hz and 25 kHz) and compact dimensions (39×24 cm, weighing just over 5 kg), make it an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, from exhibitions and TV studios to events and theaters.

Circling around to reveal the rear of the EclExpo Flood300FC, we can see its impressive, but discreet, oversized ventilation system.

In fact, Prolights has developed a forced ventilation system compatible with those applications where noise is undesirable, by oversizing its fans so that they only run at reduced speed.

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Crédits - Text & photos: Jérôme Boutié – Video: Allison Cussigh – Translation: Ted Hall

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