In a period decidedly focused on IP65 fixtures, ETC has presented a VXT version of its new ColorSource profile and Fresnel family, the SolaPix 19XT IP65 multi-source LED wash in the High End family, and a retro-fit RGBA LED module as an upgrade for the company’s renowned Source4 tungsten fixtures.

Today, the ETC brand encompasses ETC and High End fixtures, Eos and Hog consoles, and a host of specific products for rigging, networking, as well as for architectural and even horticultural lighting applications!

ColorSource Spot VXT

For some time now, ETC has offered the ColorSource V range, in Spot and Fresnel versions, with drastically improved components. Manufactured in the US, the ColorSource V Spot features a 5-color LED source – Red, Blue, Green, Indigo and Lime – delivering almost 200 W, in a modernized version of the traditional Source4.

ColorSource Spot VXT, IP65.

It comes in a profile version, compatible with various fixed-focal-length lenses, zoom lenses and special output adaptors, just like its Halogen ancestor. It is also retro-compatible with all Lustr and Source Four LED accessories and optics.

The Fresnel version uses the same LED engine, but in a new, more compact format, with a wide 178 mm Fresnel lens, motorized 13°-44° zoom and barn door shutters. ColorSource V LED arrays are calibrated and temperature- and dimming-compensated, and come with a 10-year warranty.

Returning to the idea of offering a generic fixture accessible to all budgets, ETC presents the ColorSource V Spot as its spearhead, without, however, abandoning the Source4 series 3, which is aimed at high-end studios or theaters with its 8-color source.

The ColorSource VXT is nothing more and nothing less than the same fixture, with the same technologies, the same features, the same DMX channels, but in an eXTerior (i.e. IP65) version. The on-board fan is replaced by an IP65 type, while the on-board menu display has been removed, replaced by RDM configuration or via the ETC SetLight mobile app and an NFC chip. Lenses and accessories remain unchanged, and are common to all ColorSpot V models.

Integrated into each fixture, the wireless DMX receiver module is the one developed by City Theatrical, which works in Multiverse – like a well-known Hollywood franchise – with a specific 10-universe transmitter.

For more details, visit: ColorSource VXT and ColorSource Fresnel

SolaPix 19XT

SolaPix 19 XT.

The SolaPix 19XT is also an IP65 waterproof version of a well-known fixture, the High End SolaPix 19.
Already available, the SolaPix 19XT features 19 RGBW LED pixels in a waterproof body, with hydrophobic treatment and IP65 connectors.

Its 4.5° to 60° zoom, RAW and CTC color management (2800-8000K) and, above all, its 3-way control with 19 channels for the main functions, 12 more for the effects section with the FleX Effect Engine, plus the possibility of managing each pixel individually with a media server, make it ETC’s most versatile Wash.

Source 4WRD Color II

Source 4WRD Color II.

At a time when tungsten sources are being phased out, many manufacturers are offering solutions that are both economical and environmentally friendly, to ease the transition to LEDs.

ETC’s S4WRD Color II module allows you to modify Source4 Tungsten fixtures, of which there are tens of thousands, by substituting the conventional rear lamp holder and adding a specific reflector as required.

The Source 4WRD Color II consists of a 150-watt Nichia RGBA LED array delivering an output of nearly 6,000 lumens, a power supply and a menu, fully integrated into a Source4-compatible lamp receptacle.
Installation takes just a few minutes, and allows old Source4s to be converted into color profiles, with DMX in/out on an RJ45 connector, RDM, Z focus management (lamp azimuth) and a dozen direct-access presets (calibrated whites and standard colors).

Video presentation:

It is also possible to purchase complete versions of fixtures with this LED source, such as the Source 4WRD Color II profile, the PAR or the PARNel.

The Source 4 WRD Color II range of fixtures.

For more information, visit the ETC website

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