RCF takes it seriously with new Greek distributor Sirius

“Siriusly”? We like play on words and couldn’t resist this (nasty) one. Nevertheless, this new appointment of Sirius Sound & Lighting Systems as RCF new exclusive distributor for Greece is anything but a joke.
Sirius Sound may be a newly-established company, but there are strong reasons for RCF to choose it. Speaking of the new appointment, RCF sales manager Massimo Bruni, said, “We selected Sirius Sound for their high technical qualification of their managers, which will help RCF consolidate its primary role in the Greek market.”

RCF and Sirius Sound and Lighting Systems in a forecast successful partnership.

RCF, celebrating its 70th anniversary this year, boasts a wide range of products in its extensive portfolio, for applications ranging from professional audio for both rental PA and permanent installations, as well as commercial audio.

Sirius Sound’s mission is to create a solid and long-term business relationship with its customers and support a nationwide network, with the desire to stand out and establish its name in the Greek market. One of its principal aims is in the field of training and seminars in Italy, through the RCF Audio Academy, where targeted seminars are conducted by specialists to promote a high level of understanding and knowledge.

RCF Audio Academy is an important asset for RCF Distributors all over the world.

Sirius Sound & Lighting Systems sales manager, Mr Giannelos said, “It is a great honour to co-operate with the best, aiming high to ensure that RCF broadens and strengthens the position it deserves in the Greek market through Sirius Sound & Lighting Systems.”

He also emphasises the importance of collaboration with a specialised team of experienced audiovisual engineers in being able to provide high-quality technological solutions using RCF tools.

More information on RCF products and RCF Audio Academy.


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