Robe Forte, the LED rival of BMFL

Following up on their Esprite – and packing into it all the same technology – Robe has launched Forte, a more powerful spot/profile with an interchangeable 1,000 W white LED source that rivals the BMFL. We put it to the test in the studio at Impact Evénement and we also include, at the end of this article, a field report from our colleague Tristan Szylobryt, who used it on a video shoot.

This fixture is elegant. Slim and sleek, it weighs less than 40 kg (which is not bad for a mover in this category!) with a total height of 84 cm.
It's a handsome, satin-finish anthracite colored baby. Two large lateral handles allow manipulation of the unit, the head of which can be locked on both the pan and tilt axes.

A large, 180 mm lens unleashes the beam! And what a nice beam it is! Forte delivers a beautiful, uniform white light of 6620 K with a flux that exceeds 34,000 lumens at 20°, and practically the same with a wide beam.
It almost reaches the performance level of the BMFL, thanks to its module of 121 LEDs of 10 W each, powered at 80% of their nominal power to ensure longevity.

The native CRI of the fixture is 69; it can be increased to 80 or 90 by using two filters on the color wheel (just so you know, an “HCR” version of the LED engine provides a native CRI of 94, with a 40% lower luminous flux).

L’amplitude du zoom : 5,5 – 51°.


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