Robe iForte and TX1 PosiProfile, a video interview with Josef Valchar

The iForte uses several innovative technologies that lead to the IP65 classification including an ingenious dehumidification system. The TX1 PosiProfile combines the advantages of a traditional Profile fixture and a moving light Profile.

New for 2023, SLU is committed to awarding a prize for innovation in products that present new and decisive design functions or design details during their use to promote R&D achievements! This is the case with the new version of the Forte.


Capable of running in the most unfavorable conditions of humidity and very low temperature, the iForte is certified IP65 with several innovations. Josef Valchar, CEO and CTO, and co-founder of Robe gives details on the innovations in this video.

This fixture is called the iForte and, has the same technical characteristics as the classic Forte with a few minor changes.

Le iForte, version IP65 du Forte.

If generally switching from a classic fixture to an IP version is largely felt on the scale, here our fixture gained only 1.5 kg thanks to the use of protective covers made of magnesium alloy, 40% lighter than aluminum.
The iForte is equipped with a humidity, temperature, and internal pressure control system and an ingenious dehumidifier using two tubes filled with regular silica beads, placed in one of the sides of the yoke.

Les tubes de billes de silice retenant l’humidité. Maintenus par ressorts, on peut les extraire pour en sécher le contenu.

The air likely to enter or leave the device (due to the presence of a balancing valve and internal pressure regulation) will pass directly through this filter to maintain the humidity below the 20% mark.
If the fixture detects a leak after removing the cover to change a gobo, for example, an error message appears, prompting you to replace the cover correctly or tighten the screws.

The fixture has a new leak self-test feature, which lasts only 3 minutes during which the fixture performs various internal pressure measurements before and after the activation of the LED motor which releases heat, and blocks the electromechanical valve, modifying its internal pressure. Thus, there is no need to, on your first change of gobos, have to carry around the case dedicated to the waterproofing tests required by other manufacturers.

Another innovation is the MAPS (Motionless Absolute Positioning System) technology that allows the fixture to perform its reset without pan and tilt movement. The yoke is equipped with the latest generation sensors which allow the absolute position of the head to be detected at the instant T, which will prove to be very useful when the fixture is set up in a cramped space. The Forte and iForte, equipped with the same source, the same color filters and gobos, and the same zoom range will respond identically when used for the same scene/memory.

TX1 PosiProfile

The TX1 PosiProfile, halfway between the traditional profile fixture and the moving-head Profile, combines the respective advantages of these two types of fixtures.

The first strong point of the PosiProfile on the list is the MAPS technology with a reset that takes place without movement, with complete discretion. Thus no possible disturbances, no uncontrolled movements, or other “stop” noises.

The second advantage, or rather innovation because it is a first, is the patented movement blocking system called BARS (Brake Attribute Retention System) complementary to the MAPS function, which results in the presence of a brake composed of a disc installed on the axis of the motors for pan and tilt positions, and a brake caliper, a bit like on your car.

Le TX1 PosiProfile réunit les avantages du Profile Asservi et d’une découpe fixe.

The brake calipers are normally closed in the absence of power, thus generating a high resistance to movement when trying to maneuver these axes. They are unlocked when the TX1 is on, but also controllable via DMX allowing to “apply the brakes” on demand. Note also that this active blocking system is also on the zoom and focus sliders/motors.

The combination of both the MAPS and BARS functions has enabled Robe to develop a brand-new functionality for adjusting the working range. The fixture will only be maneuverable over a certain range of degrees in both pan and tilt of your choice. via the available menu.
This ability to restrict movements is of course configurable even when powered off via the TX1’s built-in battery.

The fixture will therefore be perfectly at ease in spaces that are difficult to access, as some theaters can be, it can power on/off without the shadow of a movement if it is very close to other fixtures or a part of the stage set(without the slightest sound!) then to evolve in a restricted space without risking the slightest collision.

To generate its beam and shape it to your needs, it has a multi-spectral RGBAL TE LED engine of 500 W for 13,600 lumens with an adjustable CRI (max. 95), color management in CMY/RGBAL with adjustment of the white between 2700 and 8000K, a zoom from 5.5 to 50° with the help of an iris, 4 servo shutters/blades rotating through 60°, progressive frost and as an option: two rotating/indexable gobo wheels for one of them and an animation wheel.

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Crédits - Text: Jérôme Boutié – Video: Allison Cussigh – Translation: Ted Hall

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