Robe SilverScan, looking back in the (moving) mirror

The Robe stand at Prolight+Sound is always always jam-packed, a happy sign of inflexible vitality indeed.

In an impressive adventure movie set, the warrior dancers of the Lost World trilogy warmed the place to techno swing group Mydy Rabycad for a mythical birthday party.
Despite 300+ projectors involved, no more BMFL et Tarrantula galore for this exhibition, but fake stone bridges with dressing up their Superspikies, walls supporting theatrical T1s in both Profile and Wash versions, rainy false moats guarded by iPointes, and on the ceiling, as a nod to the “rave parties” spirit of their beginnings, the surprise rebirth of the first Robe Moving Mirror models.

ROBE lighting at ProLight + Sound 2019 from ROBE lighting on Vimeo.


The Czech Republic is a country of customs. Robe has decided to celebrate its silver anniversary, twenty-five years in the service of its users, with a series of already cult projectors, the Silver Jubilee.

Presented in gray for exhibitions, the SilverScan is obviously available in black for service companies.

First unexpected surprise, the return (repeatedly asked for) of the Moving Mirror, a.k.a. Scan or Scanner, this popular intelligent projector too quickly forgotten. As a nod to the first Robe projector, the SilverScan is a fully intelligent, affordable and reliable remix of the Robe Scan 250 hit.

By integrating all of the Viva CMY’s technologies into a compact fixture with a fast moving mirror, the Czechs not only remind us of our first light techie wet dreams, but also all the advantages of using this type of projector: unparalleled speed of movement, simplified maintenance, absence of moving yoke, and a small footprint, well adapted to fixed integrations where you don’t need a complete 360°, as it’ll always be hung the same way.

Mydy Rabycad in full glamorous action.

Its features are a priori ideal for architectural lighting, theme parks and discos. The incredible response of the Prolight+Sound visitors promises to see this unit getting a quick integration into many stage lighting projects.

The 350W LED array, whose details are visible in the mirror reflection, allows full use of the effects derived from the Viva CMY: a CMY color mixing system, a 6-color wheel, 7 rotating gobos and 9 fixed gobos, a 3-facet prism and a Frost filter. Thanks to its mirror close to the light exit, the zoom range is wider than the old Scanners, between 9 ° and 27 °.

The Pan and Tilt also evolved in a good way, with 180 ° Pan and 55 ° Tilt, ultra-responsive stepping motors and separate speed management, as it is so fast.
Weighing 16 kg, and with its dimensions of 74 cm long and 37 cm deep, the SilverScan has already started to receive its first orders from various countries, with notorious rental and service companies succumbing at first glance.

25 years of technology separate the original Scan250 model from its successor SilverScan.

More info on the Robe Lighting Website.


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Text & photos: Tristan Szylobryt. Translation: Bruno P. Souchaud.

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