Robe SuperSpikie: bigger, brighter, bolder (video report)

The Robe SuperSpikie, recently world premiered at London’s Plasa is claimed to deliver 4 times the light output of its smaller mate, the Spikie, well known since a few years for its funny hedgehog character. It’s larger as well, and the output lens is wider (165 mm diameter).
Driven by a more powerful 250 W RGBW LED, the optics include a bigger zoom, from a 3,5° beam to a soft wash at 42° (with fast changeover between the two modes).

The beam can look either sharp or soft-edge, depending on settings, to meet all kind of requirements. The shadows are free from any chromatic blurriness, thus allowing the use of the Superspikie in a theater or on a TV set.

The CMY or RGBW color mix looks very satisfactory, and the variable CTO ranges from 2 700K to 8 000K. It includes halogen lamp emulation, what Robe describes as “Tungsten lamp effect at whites”: 2.700 K and 3.200 K, with red shift and thermal delay (switchable).

Double flower

The typical Spikie « Double Flower » effect takes the small dots inside the LED engine in a multiplying swirl, turning the colored multi-beam into a kaleidoscope equivalent.
Very impressive indeed, not only for projection, but of course for exclusive aerials effects.

This effect can be superimposed with the Frost lens for fading in and out in a most peculiar way, or with the rotating 3-facet prism to beef up the graphics and cover even more space or fill more volume, depending on the use.

The two rotating gobos (four dots and a thick line) are designed mostly for aerial effects. The whole idea behind the Spikie and SuperSpikie family of two is giving all they can for graphic efficiency, not “real gobo projection”.

Infinite rotation

Another key point of this wiry, yet compact animal is the infinite Pan and Tilt rotation, alongside with its 18 kg lightweight feature.
This never ending and constant new models presentation all year round by Czech world industry leader Robe confirms the impressive momentum of its R&D, and the general good health of the whole group, now hosting more than 900 employees in many main countries. Thanks to its new second factory (now up and running), too, customers should then suffer less backorders delays than for the (too !) successful MegaPointe one year ago, now only a thing of the past, luckily enough …

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Text : Bruno P. Souchaud. Photos & video : Allison Cussigh.

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