Robe T32 CYC and the lT12 Profile, newcomers to the theatre range

Robe’s “T” theater range welcomes two new smart fixtures. The iT12 Profile is a conventional IP65 fixture and a fixture dedicated to cyclorama lighting T32 Cyc that we discovered with the guidance of Vincent Bouquet, technical director for Robe France.

T32 Cyc

The T32 Cyc is a moving light source fixture used for surface and cyclorama lighting. It takes the form of an imposing rectangular box sliced on one of its edges where the output lenses are located and uses the same type of RGBBAL LEDs as the other products in the range, giving it perfect integration and respecting the color balance perfectly.

This photo helps to visualize the size and general aspect of the fixture. Impressive!

It accommodates 16 40 W LEDs grouped into 4 segments whose saturation can be controlled independently. The major innovations of this product lie in the optical design and the registered VertiSpot and Opti-6 systems.
The first allows controlled adjustment of the “hot spot” of the projection on the TILT axis, now directly accessible from the lighting console.

Supported by the asymmetrical Opti-6 lenses, the resulting beam will open 85/45°, with a beautiful ratio of 1:6! This means that with this device, we will be able to effectively cover 6 meters of cyclorama from a distance of only 1 meter!

The light obtained will display a maximum CRI of 96 as well as a TLCI of 97 for a maximum flux of 17,565 lumens. The L3 (Low Light Linearity) system and its 18-bit coded dimmer allow for an ultra-smooth fade to black with imperceptible steps.

A first view of rendering obtained on the cyc with 3 T32 fixtures placed on the ground. Don’t be fooled by the slightly shadowed upper left corner, due to the shooting itself, the actual result is more than satisfactory.

Control, the fixture will be as comfortable in DMX/RDM as it is controlled in Art-Net, sACN, MA-Net (MA-Net 2), Kling-Net, and CRMX as an option. The two control modes of the T32 give us 38 or 42 DMX channels. Although relatively large (101 x 33 x 23 cm for a weight of 34.5 kg), the T32 Cyc is equipped with the traditional ¼ turn and omega system to be hung on a structure like any other fixture.

The iT12 Profile

The output lens of the iT 12 has a new anti-uv coating.

Another new product from Robe, the iT12 Profile is a conventional fixture that integrates several slave modules. It is a continuation of the T11 and benefits from a new external enveloping certified IP65. Its magnesium housing and its “Polar+” system make it possible to use it in – 50°C conditions.

The iT12 Profile has its power increased to 500 W for a flow of 13,600 lumens and a CRI of 95. It benefits natively from a CMY three-color system which can also be used in RGB/RGBAL, supported by a CTO variable between 2700 and 8000K, it has a “minus green” management parameter as well as a CRI setting between 80 and 95.

The fixture has a progressive frost, a controlled iris as well as a zoom whose aperture varies between 5.5 and 50°. Two extra slots available for optional modules are also integrated: a cassette of four servo framing blades to eliminate any manual adjustment (unlike the T11), or fixed, rotating gobo modules and animation wheels.

Side view, the new iT12 Profile fixture is fully iP65.

This fixture is intended to be used in all configurations, including the most extreme while spacing out maintenance needs as much as possible.

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Text & photos: Jérôme Boutié – video: Allison Cussigh – Translation text & video: Ted Hall

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