Rhapsodya, the new multispectral Profile by Claypaky

Presented as a direct evolution of the Sinfonya Profile 600, the Rhapsodya, a 1,200 W multispectral LED spot/profile fixture, 100% Italian, is described as a beautiful blend of precision and power which meets all the needs for silence in theaters and film sets, and TV. It is presented to us in a video by Dylan De Matteo, Claypaky’s product manager.

The Rhapsodya, one of the latest products resulting from the acquisition of the firm by Arri, is presented as THE high-power LED moving head ideal for any situation in the spot/profile range: Theater, TV, and also live events. It is equipped with a powerful 1,200 W RGB + amber + lime LED engine which has new “pixel” management.

The source is divided into 4 zones whose colors can be controlled independently, thus creating new visual effects that integrate several colors in the same projection. The RGBAL source is controlled by software equipped with the Sinfonya Accutune management algorithm which, among other things, emphasizes the linearity of the IRC and TLCI for TV and theater applications.

The new Claypaky Rhapsodya with its design and functions comes from the Sinfonya. We can see its large, comfortable handles dedicated to easy handling of the fixture.

The device features the recent Accuframe servo framing blade system which is also found on the Sinfonya, with a double focal plane with its ultra-precise motor management, as well as the progressive frost system with two double blades for greater finesse and fluidity in the opacity transition.

Still following the lead from the Sinfonya and despite the 1,200 W of its LED engine, Claypaky emphasizes the low noise level emanating from the fixture, no more than 27 dB even at full power! Finally, the Rhapsodya also features the absolute position function for PAN and TILT, allowing the projector to reset without the slightest visible movement.

The fixture has a single wheel dedicated to colors equipped with red, green, and blue filters to extend the spectrum to values inaccessible with the LED engine. The fixture outputs a flow of 24,000 lumens for a maximum CRI of 95, as for the virtual CTO, its range is between 2500 and 10000 K.

The highly engineered optics of the fixture promise us ultra-precise projections over a range of 6 to 60° aperture, for a maximum projection precision of the 12 rotating and indexable gobos on board (divided into two wheels of six positions) as well as for the rotating animation wheel whose insertion can be controlled in X and Y.

The Rhapsodya will respond to DMX/RDM, ArtNet, sACN as well as wireless DMX (Lumen Radio) offered as an option. Finally, its measurements: for sure the Rhapsodya is a beautiful baby which weighs in at almost 42 kg, with a base unit of 40 x 45 cm and a maximum of 88 cm head up, its large handles on the base unit will be a great help in the setting up!
Production of Rhapsodya will begin in January 2024.

Plus d’informations sur le site Dimatec et sur le site Claypaky


Crédits - Text & photos: Jérôme Boutié – video: Allison Cussigh – Translation text & video: Ted Hall

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