Sixty82 Welcomes Avenion GmbH to Their Reseller Network in Germany

Sixty82 is excited to welcome Avenion GmbH to its growing network of resellers in Germany. This addition aims to strengthen Sixty82’s presence in the German market and ensures that customers have wider access to its innovative products.

Avenion GmbH is making waves in the AV solutions sector with its fresh approach. Under the guidance of Matthias Matthes, Avenion has quickly become known for its innovative ideas and commitment to quality. Furthermore, the team has extensive experience in the areas of rigging and trussing.
As they continue to develop, Avenion is evolving into a full-service provider, broadening its range of offerings to meet the diverse needs of their clients. This collaboration between Sixty82 and Avenion GmbH is not just a business partnership; it’s a meeting of minds that share the same enthusiasm for the future of entertainment technology.

“We’re really excited to have Avenion GmbH join our team,” said Fokko Smeding, CEO of Sixty82. “Matthias Matthes and his crew are exactly what we look for in partners, they’re young, they’re innovative, and they’re all about pushing the limits of what’s possible.
We’re not just adding a reseller; we’re gaining a partner that shares our vision and energy. This is going to bring some great things to the German market, and we can’t wait to see where this partnership will lead.”

Matthias Matthes, leader of Avenion GmbH, shared his excitement about the collaboration, “Joining Sixty82’s reseller network is a big deal for us. It’s recognition of the hard work the Avenion team has put in and a chance to bring something new to the German entertainment scene. We’re all about innovation and pushing boundaries, so pairing up with Sixty82, a company that values those same things, is perfect for us. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get started.”

This partnership is more than just business, it’s a commitment to innovation and quality in the German market. Avenion GmbH will now be part of the extended family of Sixty82 resellers, ensuring that customers in Germany have access to the latest and greatest in trussing and staging solutions.

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Text by Sixty82 - Photo: Henry Schuil-SIXTY82 and Matthias Matthes-Avenion

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