SpotZilla, Ayrton releases the ultimate Huracán

Awakening of the Giants: Back in the old days, in an era of PAR bars, strobes and floppy disks, we all had our first rough encounter with discharge monsters. An overly massive flight case rolls in a zigzag pattern, carried away by the weight of its contents, charging out of the truck like a lion.

The hinges creak and, crouched in a poor crushed foam insert, a colossus of a fixture, far too big, too heavy and too powerful.
It could have been a Golden Scan, a MAC 2000, a VL 3000, an Alpha Beam 1500, depending on when you started out.
At the dawn of the new millennium, a shiver ran through us, mechanical pride, a challenge to carry, a test of virility, memorable illumination.

Then, the future arrived, and with it progress, the mother of all things lightweight and efficient, with smooth-curved LEDs, easy to handle, and to rig on your own without breaking a sweat.
The behemoths of yesteryear no longer exist, except in nostalgic stories from the days of crooners, conventional rigs, K7 albums and Tiags.

Yet, right here where they've been celebrating diodes in all their forms for the past 20 years, the minds at Ayrton have brought to life a new giant, a legend in the making.
A hurricane of light, a monster of unseen proportions, a new sensation, the Huracán-LT.


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