SSL: Live 500 digital console (1)

In 2013, just before a PL+S in Frankfurt there was rumor that SSL was up to something and the announcement was like a bomb going off... SSL was presenting a live digital console for the first time. At last! The console, the result of many years of observation and experience surveys, should include everything that is the current standard for digital consoles for live performance but also incorporate new and innovative technologies.

SSL Live 500 jukebox

Who hasn't dreamed for a moment of having access to the same type of technology for applications in live shows that is available in a console used to produce a studio project and to be able to reproduce live what was done in the studio?

Digital Technology for Live

A live console and audio transport technology

2013 marked the public presentation of a new SSL product, their first console designed for live performance. This console is based on a new processing platform called "Tempest", which incorporates many technological innovations. The primary idea behind it was to create an ergonomic mixing environment and a human interface that would facilitate creative and technical processes.

This console includes a touch screen of comfortable dimensions, but this is more than a touch screen: it allows a multi-touch approach, like a tablet. The console incorporates visual and ergonomic concepts such as Eyeconix and the Focus Fader, which we recognize from the Duality console. 

It is also equipped with the brand's proprietary technologies, such as SuperAnalogue™ microphone preamplifier technology, adapted for live applications. It features the effects library – well known in the studio – adapted to live applications. It also features high-pass filters on all signal paths and, also, the proprietary SSL Blacklight II technology for multiplexing multiple MADI connections.

2014 marks the release of a new evolution of the software for this SSL console, Version 2, and the availability of an off-line editing software, but also the availability of a system of digital audio transmission based on IP known as MADI-Bridge, which bridges the gap between MADI and Dante.

The SSL environment for live sound is now revealed

La SSL Live 500





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