Studer by HARMAN Announces More Powerful Infinity Core & Compact CoreLink Card for Infinitely Scalable Solution

Studer Core 1000

HARMAN Professional Solutions has announced significant upgrades to the Studer Infinity Core Mixing Processor, utilizing Moore’s Law benefits to increase processing power with new models offering 300, 600 and 1000 MEQ channels, and the new Studer Compact Infinity Core, providing Studer processing in a compact 2RU frame with 300 and 600 MEQ versions, each with 4 A-link ports and redundancy.

The new Studer Compact Core 600

The new Infinity Core models utilize Intel E5 Xeon CPUs, which provide 50% more processing power than previous models.

The CoreLink PCIe card

To complete the Infinity Core lineup, Studer has also launched its groundbreaking Compact CoreLink Card, which can turn a COTS server into an Infinity Mixing Processor by the addition of a PCIe card, providing 4 A-Link connections.
The full range of Infinity Core processing options all work flawlessly with the newly launched Vista 5 Black Edition as well as the highly successful Vista X and Vista V consoles.
Studer Infinity Cores are renowned for their performance in critical broadcast applications, where large production processing requirements benefit from the assurance of advanced redundancy features.

Mark Hoskings

“We’re thrilled to be able to deliver these next generation Infinity Cores, following through on our promise to harness the full potential of the CPU-based processing platform.
We’re now delivering more processing power at no additional cost and extending the scope of the Infinity series to both lower channel count and more cost sensitive applications right up to the very highest processing demands that our customers expect,” says Mark Hosking, Director, Broadcast Sales at HARMAN Professional Solutions.
“When you have those larger applications that really push the envelope in processing power demands, it’s good to know you’ve got the processing technology to back you up.”

With the increasing number of global live productions, requiring the mobile flexibility of OB-Van mixing support, the new Studer Compact Infinity Core serves a rapidly growing need – full Core processing and redundancy that can work in stricter space limitations.

Bradley Drummond

“The interest so far in the new Compact Infinity Core has been amazing,” says Bradley Drummond, HARMAN Professional Solutions, Director of Hospitality Marketing.

“Most broadcast vans are so limited on space that they could never utilize the features of a full Infinity Core processor.
So we studied the problem and discovered that 4 A-Link ports serves the needs of most mobile-processed productions, which allowed us to significantly shrink the enclosure footprint, yet still maintain other critical full Core features.”

Studer Infinity Core and Compact Infinity Core Features and Additional Details:

Studer Infinity Core

  • 300 (300 MEQ processing channels, 11 A-Link Ports, 5HU Rack Unit Height)
  • 600 (600 MEQ processing channels, 11 A-Link Ports, 5HU Rack Unit Height)
  • 1000 (1000 MEQ processing channels, 11 A-Link Ports, 5HU Rack Unit Height)

Studer Compact Infinity Core

  • 300 (300 MEQ processing channels, 4 A-Link Ports, 2HU Rack Unit Height)
  • 600 (600 MEQ processing channels, 4 A-Link Ports, 2HU Rack Unit Height)

Studer Compact CoreLink Card

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