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A key element in the wide-ranging design and structural renewal at ADB is unquestionably the launch of a number of innovative new products. The innovations incorporate cutting-edge technology, with products such as Klemantis and Oksalis, which have fundamentally reshaped the LED concept, as well as solid tradition, with the launch of the Lexpert line of white-light LED fixtures for theater lighting.

Besides these professional lighting products, ADB recently released an updated enhanced version of its well-known Hathor software, intended not only for the numerous lighting operators who already successfully use the system, but also for everyone wanting to try it for the first time. Hathor has always been known for its outstanding reliability, and now it features a continually updated fixture library and a special video tutorial and technical assistance service.
A new logo accompanies the market launch of Hathor 2.0, whose extensive functionalities make it a firmly forward-looking system. Together with the new version of Hathor, ADB has launched Wily! – an invaluable and practical smart tool for remote control (via iPad or iPhone) developed by the young French company Pangolab, and that’s not all!

ADB is posting a series of English- and French-language tutorials on its new YouTube channel. In the tutorials, an expert operator explains in detail how to use the Hathor system on ADB lighting control desks.

Hathor 2.0

Designed with Theaters and Opera House in mind, HATHOR has always been offering a user friendly and comfortable programming environment, with an impressive multi-users networked architecture, a unique drag’n drop function along with right-click contextual menus, an advanced track window with extensive overview of recorded intensities and moving light parameters, that makes immediate editing possible.

Recently, ADB has released version 2.0 of its renowned lighting software, with the following main new features:

  • Over 10,000 templates with bi-weekly updates independent from software updates
  • Fixed faders in submasters not included in page management like Playbacks with IN&OUT
  • Grand Master, Independents, and Fields
  • Innovative HSI colors handled by a Color Picker
  • The exclusive Park Function, by Device or by Parameter.

WILY! – Exclusive software for Hathor

Wily! synthesizes the best of hardware and software in an elegant and practical virtual console. Mobile, scalable, and modular, Wily! gives you access to a level of control over Hathor lighting software never achieved before.
The Wily! console can be used alone or as an extension of a conventional console. Wily! interfaces with a computing unit that runs the Hathor software. It is a computer that can be found in several forms: independent tower, laptop or included in a hardware console. Once connected to the computing unit, Wily! behaves like the front panel of a classic lighting console.

Specifications: easy handling / plug’n’play – modularity – wired or wi-fi network – 2 using modes : console or client – setable connexion rights – automatic restore of the last established connection – possible use in main console or in parallel of this one (wing) – possible use as a backup console – possibility to work on several iPad – full access to playback registers (playbacks, fields, independents, master, Grand Master …) – moving light control – complete access to all types of recordings – scroller calibration – user interface customization – multi-touch touch interface – compatible with the full range of hardware supported by Hathor – download and update on the AppStore

Tutorials on YouTube
ADB is working on a series of in-depth video tutorials on using Hathor software on ADB lighting desks. Some of them are already available online and provide a valuable guide for users who want to explore all the benefits and features of Hathor and ADB lighting desks fully.

Work is nearing completion on other important initiatives to support ADB users and promote our products among lighting professionals all over the world. Stay tuned!

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