Summer in the City of Bergheim with RCF Audio Tools

Full of sun and music! Bergheim’s city festival 11th edition of “Summer in the City” was once again spread all over the city. In front of six stages, thousands of music enthusiasts could enjoy the free music performed by bands of all conceivable styles.
RCF was present to sound out the complete festival on all stages spreading the whole city. Using the new TTL 4-A system for the first time, even a German premiere was part of the party, taking place all over the city.

On Center Stage, TSL Production used 16x HDL 30-A modules as main PA.

Following the festival’s motto “1 evening – 6 stages”, the whole city of Bergheim turns into the biggest stage in the area. New this year, the audience could vote for the bands, which can then perform on the audience stage.
Traditionnally, Summer in the city’s main attraction and largest stage was the Center Stage. TSL Production used 16x HDL 30-A modules as main PA, 12x SUB 9006-AS for the lower end, 2x TT 22-A as nearfield monitors, 6x TT 25 SMA & 1x TTS 15-A as sub-monitor.

Further stages

12x SUB 9006-AS for the lower end on the Canter Stage.

Further stages in the city area include the World Music Stage with 2x TTL 6-A and 2x SUB 8006-AS as well as 4x NX12 SMA. The New Vibes Stage was equipped with 2x TTL4-A, 4x SUB 9004-AS and 6x NX12 SMA.

On the Your Voice BM Stage 6x HDL 26-A, 4x SUB 9004-AS and 2x TT 22-A were used as monitor wedges.
The unplugged stage was equipped with 2x TT 10-A, 2x TTS 15-A and 2x TT 22-A as monitor wedges.

RCF modules all across the city

A smaller stage, all equipped in RCF as well.

TSL Production, as technical service provider, was once again responsible for the event. They take care of “Summer in the City” right from the start, with this year’s event being the eleventh edition.

Frank Schmitz, CEO of TSL Production, raves about the versatility the RCF-systems offer: “With over 75 modules in use all over the city, the RCF systems once again proved their versatility when handling all the stages with different sizes and many music styles.
We did manage the entire event and all six stages only with sound equipment from RCF. Not only was this point beneficial in terms of logistics, but also it offered enormous advantages during live operation.”

All kinds of music for all kinds of RCF set-ups.

The date for the 2020 Summer in the City festival has already been set. On June 6, 2020, it is “1 evening – 6 stages” again, and the whole city of Bergheim celebrates the biggest music party of the year.

More information about the RCF system HDL 30-A and the city festival in Bergheim.

Crédits - Text: RCF. Photos: Marcus Scheuermann.

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