LED beam projector with continuous rotation

The Ayrton MAGICDOT™-R is faster than its shadow

Ayrton MagicDot-R

Despite its minimalist appearance, the Ayrton MAGICDOT™-R luminaire is a powerhouse of light and technology. Equipped with next-generation LED emitter, optics, and cooling system, this moving head projector is ready to break all records.

Ayrton put 144 of them into its fabulous online video demo. Bruno Mars’ lighting designer, Cory FitzGerald, premiered 184 MAGICDOT™-R luminaires live for the performer’s festival-closing concert appearance at Rock in Rio - Las Vegas.

What’s most striking when you first power up one of these single-optic fixtures is the quality of the intense, narrow shaft of light. [I confess, I can’t help but associate its compact cylindrical form with those cute, yellow, characters in the animated « Minion » films.]

Development of this fixture began more than two years ago – and it is the first to use the latest, state of the art, emitter technology from OSRAM - a 60W Ostar Compact LED package, which can be driven at four times as much power as previous Ostar chipsets. Each emitter has four 2mm² RGBW diodes, which makes the total luminous surface 8mm² (nearly double the previous 4.41mm2).

Ayrton’s first challenge was to develop a new collimator able to concentrate the four larger diodes into a 4.8º beam while still maintaining optimum colour mix. Given the LED’s new surface/power ratio and increase in temperature, the French development team also had the daunting task of developing an effective cooling system that took advantage of the power while minimizing output derating due to heat. Ayrton certainly didn’t make it any easier for themselves by designing such a compact head.

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