Fabio Sorabella, Managing Director of the Italian company, presents two new compact Beam/Spot LED luminaires. These will now join the Astra and Jet series.

Astra Hybrid 330IP

The main newcomer to the Prolights stand, the Astra Hybrid 330IP is a Beam/Spot fixture suited to most applications, from small stages to large-scale productions (thanks to its 330 W LED engine), indoors or outdoors (IP65 certified), with the exception of long-throw applications.

With its sober, discreet design, the new Astra 330IP will fit right in with most applications.

Unleashing outputs ranging from 8,500 to over 15,000 lumens (depending on the beam angle), its 7,000 K native white light engine packs quite a punch. And it needs a certain amount to supply photons to the many different effect modules in the luminaire!

Let’s start with colour, which is achieved using a CMY system with three graduated colour wheels plus an additional (CTC)wheel with filters for adjusting the colour temperature.
This module is complemented by three (no less!) additional wheels, with dichroic fixed colour filters and filters for increasing the CRI.

Projections are provided via two gobo wheels, one with rotating patterns and one with static patterns, plus an additional animation wheel. There are also two prisms (radial and linear), all of which can be diffused to varying degrees using a dedicated frost filter. Its zoom lets you tighten the beam down to 3° or spread it out to a maximum of 50°.

The fixture’s 29 parameter channels can be controlled via DMX/RDM, ArtNet, sACN or wireless (LumenRadio Timo Fx module). Finally, its hermetically sealed, lightweight magnesium alloy housing makes this fixture impervious to humidity (IP65) for outdoor use.

Jet Hybrid 200

The Jet Hybrid 200, a new flagship in the Prolights Beam/Spot range.

The Jet Hybrid 200 features even more compact dimensions and a 200 W LED source. This flagship product, designed for small venues, delivers a beam divergence that can be described as a beam/spot hybrid, from 3.5° to 40°, via its motorised zoom module.

There’s no CMY here, but a wheel of 11 dichroic filters, with CTO filters (3200 K) and a high CRI filter (CRI 84 maximum), two gobo wheels (one with rotating gobos and the other with static ones), an interchangeable linear frost filter and a five-facet rotating prism.

These two new models, which will begin shipping in the spring, are priced at around €5,000 and €2,600 respectively, excluding VAT.

For more info, visit the Prolights website


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