Throwing Great Shapes with Entec and Coda Audio AiRAY for Desert Valley Stage at Parookaville

Parookaville Desert Valley Stage equipped with 2 hangs of 10 x CODA Audio AiRAY.

Sited at Weeze airport, a former military base in the Lower Rhine region of Germany, this fifth edition of Parookaville proved very popular with critics, who hailed it as a major step forward in delivering a truly state-of-the-art experience for those in attendance.
World renowned headliners played on multiple stages, one of which was the Desert Valley Stage where Tillmann Stockschläder of service providers ENTEC, in cooperation with audio specialists TEQSAS, deployed a CODA Audio system.

Coda Audio AiRAY used here for DJ monitoring.

This event is one of the largest electronic music festivals in the world and this year attracted around 200,000 visitors over three days. The Desert Valley Stage is one of the largest at the festival, covering an area of more than 5000 sqm and CODA Audio AiRAY was used as the main PA as well as for DJ monitoring.

Front-fill was taken care of by CODA Audio APS. 2 hangs of 10 x AiRAY were used as a stereo application complemented by 24 x CODA Audio SCP sensor-controlled subs in an end-fired cluster. Restrictions on height and load capacity were easily overcome by AiRAY’s light weight (just under 40kg per unit) and compact dimensions (67.4cm x 35.6cm).

Coda Audio AiRAY line array.

TEQSAS Application Engineer, Michael Linden commented: “The system delivered a uniform sound distribution across the frequency spectrum up to the required depth of 80 metres. Even in the sub area the SCP subwoofers have been able to match this standard with the end-fired arrangement.

The consistently positive response of visitors to this new sound experience was achieved thanks to CODA’s ring-diaphragm driver technology and the unique sensor technology in the sub-bass. The system produced great power with negligible distortion and we deemed it to be a success. We’re looking forward to next year!”

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