Presented at Barcelona and available in six 4- and 8-channel models, Unica is Powersoft’s most advanced cloud-based amplification platform for medium and high-power systems. This range is set to grow both in terms of models and possibilities.

This new series required a team of 35 people and three years of work, which means 100 years of research and development potential in man-hours. Its Italian name, “Unica”, which means “unique” in the feminine, strong>explains the creative approach of Claudio Lastrucci, Scandicci’s amplifier master.

Powersoft co-founder and head of R&D, Claudio Lastrucci.

Unique because it offers a whole range of possibilities, flexibility and unprecedented resilience, and Unique again because a single networked platform is enough, through its six variants, to drive a practically infinite line of high-impedance ceiling speakers as well as the toughest of low-impedance subs… all at the same time.

Designed using Powersoft’s know-how in terms of power, sound quality, versatility, efficiency and reliability, the bar has been raised even further in these areas, while adding a significant element of innovation, which is in the DNA of the Italian brand and its response to the demands of integrators and players in the installation market.

The three high-power 4-channel models.

And the three high density models, with 8 channels in 1U.

Two separate lines make up the Unica family. Three 8-channel models with total power ratings of 2, 4 and 8 kW for theme parks and medium-sized venues requiring a large number of channels, and three 4-channel models with ratings of 9, 12 and 16 kW designed to meet the very high demands of large venues like stadiums or Arenas.
Each of the six models is housed in a single rack unit, and is capable of delivering peaks ranging from 160 to 220 V and 30 to 80 A, making it ideal for modern loudspeakers and beefy transducers. Channels can be bridged in pairs.

An 8-channel model with eight fans paired with the same number of heatsinks that resemble isophase waveguides. The air flow is front to back, with a filter that can be cleaned without needing any tools, and a noise level of 24 dBA in the absence of signal, or up to 53 dBA at full speed. Note the DSP under the heatsink with the Powersoft logo at top left, as well as the power reserve, which is nicely situated in the airflow and totals 18,200 µF at 200 V.

The efficiency achieved by all Unica series components – including the switch-mode power supply with its single-stage PFC, the network inputs, the DSP and the latest-generation output stages controlled by the Smart Rails Management system – is the highest in the Powersoft catalog, as well as the highest on the market, at 88%. The same is true of the signal-to-noise ratio, the compact design of the circuits and the extremely low distortion levels, the absolute best of all models from the Florentine manufacturer.

A view of the three RJ45 ports and the USB port, where a memory stick stores the unit’s configuration, making it easy to replace in the event of failure.

Particular emphasis has been placed on reliability, with a redundant network input, rigorous management of heat dissipation, circuits designed to prevent a failure from spreading to the whole amp, and very short restart times after a power failure.

Finally, the replacement of a unit can be carried out simply by an electrician, or even by the owner of the venue, thanks to a complete backup of the parameters stored on the USB key located on the faulty amp, which simply needs to be inserted into the replacement unit. Powersoft calls this Easy Swap. To find out more about the Easy Swap function, a White Paper is available here.

A careful study of the heatsinks enabled the manufacturer to lengthen them to increase the surface area and the quality of heat exchange with the air, which in turn reduced the speed of the air and the noise generated.

As always, the rear panel tells the whole story. The two terminal blocks on the left are the amp outputs. The double row houses the eight balanced analog inputs, followed by the GPIO and other standby and level terminals and, finally, the three ethernet ports.

Among the new features specific to the Unica series, the presence of a PoE+ power supply on the amplifier’s network connections means that the amplifier can be programmed before the power supply is connected, a plus for integrators, and also offers almost instantaneous audio return after a power failure, since the DSP remains powered.

With PoE++ in class 8 and beyond, it’s even possible to test loudspeakers with 8 W power on each output, which has been requested by a large number of consultants, potentially saving a great deal of time on job sites. If you’re interested in this PoE function, Powersoft has published a White Paper available here.
Of course, it’s possible to control each amp via the proprietary ArmoniaPLUS software, but more importantly, it’s possible to connect to Universo, the cloud specially created by Powersoft to monitor and remotely control any connected Unica unit.

Luca Giorgi with Claudio Lastrucci in the background.

At the presentation of the range, Claudio Lastrucci, the R&D Director who followed the Sales Director Luca Giorgi, suggested that Unica has sufficiently open, innovative and powerful technology to ensure that this platform, which already offers a great deal compared to Due, Quattro and Ottocanali, will offer even more, including surprises in the near future in terms of functionality, hardware, software and cloud, where much is still in development.
He added that Unica is built to last, and will have a longer life cycle than other Powersoft ranges.

The 4- and 8-channel models will be available starting in the 4th quarter of 2023.

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Text: Ludovic Monchat – Photos: SLU

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