WIcreations acquires Visual act

WIcreations, entertainment technology automation specialist, based in Belgium, has acquired the assets of Visual Act Scandinavia AB, including all the IP, source coding, patents, related to computerized control systems used for events, installations and venues machinery.

Hans Willems, CEO of Wicreations

The move makes independently owned and operated WIcreations the largest automation rental provider in Europe.
The Wicreations CEO, Hans Willems, says, “This opportunity will support our planned medium-term progression and allow us to develop even more dynamic automation solutions for a wider range of clients, including full touring packages.
WIcreations has been using Visual act’s Stage Control System for moving our own stage / event wagon system since 2014, so this puts us in a great position to develop this software for future applications”.
The plan is to integrate the platform into new WImotion system, which offers a full range of motion control hardware and software to move any object safely in a 3D environment.

Founded in 2005, WIcreations, has already over 80 Visual act drive units for rental that makes this company an active provider of this specific programmable wireless wagon system.
Full access to the Visual act Wagon and Visual act 3D IP and codes will help WIcreations to provide its client base with unrivalled device, object, wagon and 3D flying control and management.

Hans adds, “Our ambition has always been to have one single software solution to run all automated aspects of a show or event – whether it is objects or flying people, moving wagons on a floor, etc. With the proven reliability and scope of the Visual act architecture, several elements are now aligned for this to happen imminently.” WIcreations will announce their new WImotion system development / rental opportunities in the coming weeks.

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