For managing multiple streams of linked audio and video media

Les Gens Du Son have developed Easys, a complete solution for reality TV

They are seven partners united like the fingers on one hand. . . to tell the truth, given the time they spend at their computers, having seven fingers would actually be a plus for them. Capable of doing everything as far as capturing and mixing sound for television is concerned, they decided to create Easys, a tool designed to meet the specific needs of reality TV and all of its derivatives. Let’s visit these fellows, who definitely have brains between their ears.

Opera Garnier, Paris: an electrical facelift with ADB EURODIM TwinTech!

Opera Garnier has renovated its dimmer cabinets with ADB EURODIM TwinTech. Garnier’s previous dimmers were also ADB and functioned with perfect reliability for 20 years ! The refurbishment work was carried out by Masselin company who adapted the existing wiring system based on a design by the ADB project design team. The result is a tremendous achievement !