2020, the year that disserves a rating of 20 out of 20

Not only 2020 will be a new year, it will also and above all be a decade of deep changes in which innovations will appear, both in the sound, light and video markets, which will allow us to build even more amazing, moving or unexpected performances.

Technically speaking, it will be impossible to fail a show, but it will also be very easy to do too much, it will be forbidden to ban, but this will require to find lots of new artists able to carry those heavy productions on their talent.

We will always go further into networking, wireless communication, processing power, fine resolution, light beam output, predictions accuracy, performances, the beauty of colors and effects, sound fidelity, mobility, speed, the madness of total immersion in limitless performances.
You can count on SLU to dig deeper, to better analyze and to inform you. SLU will help you in delivering the latest news, but especially to listen to you, as your ideas, your passions and your projects will always be our main drivers.

SLU is going very well, and your subscription to our free and online-only model launched back in 2012 bring us all such joy. Please take note our adventure with continue with you, and for you. From now on we read you loud and clear (20 out of 20)!

May your year deserve the same note!


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Text: Ludovic Monchat

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