34 Elation fixtures to light a Drive-In Concert with ADJ


One of the more pressing questions our industry had in mind throughout the COVID-19 pandemic is how to safely welcome a live audience at a staged event.
DRIVE.IN Concerts of Monheim, Germany has popped up with one concept, a solution that let music fans of the area enjoy a live concert again.


DRIVE.IN Concerts Monheim is a pioneering series of events in which the crowd park their cars in front of the stage just like at a drive-in movie.
With events launched throughout May and into June, with a variety of live acts and DJs performing, the concert series includes an impressive stage setup that relies on Elation Professional and ADJ lighting fixtures.

DRIVE.IN Concerts Monheim started in early May with a live performance by Cologne-based rock band Kasalla as part of their ‘Et Jitt Car-Salla’ tour of drive-in concerts.
Since then, most weekends presented two or three concerts taking place at the outdoor site, featuring artists such as DJ Quicksilver, Da Hool, Moguai, TOPIC and The Disco Boys.

The spectacular festival-style light show, supplied by local audio/visual production company LaserFrame, includes Elation fixtures, alongside others from sister-brand ADJ.


The on-stage wash moving head selected for the rig is Elation’s compact Rayzor 360Z LED beam/wash moving effect with three 60W RGBW LEDs, 8 to 77-degree zoom and continuous pan and tilt rotation.

The front of the stage is lined with a combination of Elation Chorus Line 16 motorized pixel bars and Proteus Rayzor 760 IP65-rated wash fixtures that feature Elation’s proprietary SparkLED™ background sparkle illumination system. Finally, blinder duties are being looked over by Elation Cuepix Blinder WW2s.


A like number of ADJ lights populate the rig including Focus Spot 4Z spot luminaires hung from the roof of the stage for gobo projections and mid-air effects; compact Vizi Beam RXONE fixtures on floor-standing truss for super narrow beams; award-winning Hydro Wash X7 moving head wash fixtures downstage for tight beams, washes or eye candy effects; and Encore FR150 wash fixtures for illumination of performers. The lighting is reinforced by an even coverage of dispersed fog generated by portable ADJ Entour Faze Jr machines.


Audio & Lighting Production Company
LaserFrame: www.laserframe.koeln

Gear List
16 x Elation Rayzor 360Z
8 x Elation CUEPIX Blinder WW2
6 x Elation Proteus Rayzor 760
4 x Elation Chorus Line 16
16 x ADJ Focus Spot 4Z
12 x ADJ Vizi Beam RXONE
6 x ADJ Hydro Wash X7
6 x ADJ Encore FR150Z
3 x ADJ Entour Faze Jr

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