An army of Kyalami integrated into the Ayrton Prolight+Sound show with an intense beam and strong contrast thanks to its laser source.

By combining cutting-edge technologies and innovative design, Ayrton fixtures are creative instruments born from a ceaseless quest for innovation and an overflowing passion for light. Their performance is exceptional, their versatility remarkable, and their aesthetic is both elegant and refined.

Prolight+Sound has once again revealed new flagships, the mini Kyalami with a laser source which won the SLU innovation award, the Nando 502 Wash, and in preview the Mamba, a powerful Beam with a 500 W laser source presented by Yvan Peard in the following video.

Yvan Peard

Yvan PEARD, a visionary designer and daring entrepreneur, is tirelessly committed to pushing the boundaries of imagination and innovation. He embodies a singular vision, harmoniously merging cutting-edge technology and boundless creativity. His unwavering commitment constantly pushes him to explore new horizons and challenge technological limits.

Kyalami: SLU’s innovation award

The Kyalami is a mini laser beam fixture of incredible power. heir to the MagicDot XT concept is the first luminaire in Ayrton’s Creative Solution series to use a through-phosphor laser source.

A  Laser source in the ball-like part of this mini fixture: is only 265 mm in diameter.

To remain ultra-compact and IP65, this jewel fits in only 265 mm with its 100 W laser module equipped with a heat pipe cooling system.
Its design allows a remarkably tight spacing of a few centimeters between the fixtures installed in a line.

The Kyalami offers exceptional performance, with an output of 400,000 lux at 10 meters. Its 126mm front lens, combined with a three-lens proprietary optical system, produces a sharp and intense 1° beam, with adjustable focus to accommodate different operating distances.

Its new-generation laser source guarantees impeccable color reproduction via the progressive CMY mixing system and a multi-position color wheel.
It also offers 29 static metal gobos, which can be combined with two rotating prisms to produce a multitude of spectacular volumetric effects.

Rated IP65, in an aluminum body, with infinite pan/tilt rotation, the Kyalami is a versatile Beam capable of working in all conditions even in a salty environment, and offering designers and architects a unique tool to create lighting experiences immersive in a wide range of creative projects.

Whether on television to produce a ceiling of beams or on the ground, in a cluster, it will find its place. In concerts, at festivals, it isn’t afraid of big stages. This beam fixture is proud to have its dedicated place as shown in this video of the Ayrton show, designed by Stéphane Migné for Prolight+Sound.

AYRTON – Prolight+Sound 2024 from Ayrton on Vimeo.

The Nando 502 Wash: quality, simplicity and versatility

The Nando 502 Wash, designed for versatile indoor and outdoor use (IP65), is a minimalist multi-source wash, compared to the Zonda. No independent control of its 12 x 40W LED sources but a choice of RGBLime chips which results in a full white placed on the black body with a color rendering index greater than 86 and an extended palette of pastel and saturated shades.

Nando 502 Wash, a compact IP65 fixture, is known for its light output quality.

Its proprietary optical system involves for each LED source a glass guide-lens ensuring a homogeneous mixture of colors at the output of its proprietary optical system, a cluster of 12 70 mm PMMA lenses. Additionally, a comprehensive library of pre-programmed colors allows you to quickly create a variety of contrasting lighting effects.

The versatility of the Nando 502 Wash is demonstrated by its ability to instantly switch between beam or wash, with a zoom ratio of 15:1 and a range of 3.5° to 53°.

Compact (342 x 467 x 268 mm; 14.5 kg), powerful (10,000 lm), and elegant, Ayrton’s Nando 502 Wash is destined to become part of the arsenal of any lighting designer looking for a multi-source Wash producing a high-quality white and powerful colors.

A small, powerful wash with additive color synthesis, which benefits from a large zoom amplitude.

Whether in television to cover an audience, for close-up backgrounds, in a cluster, or as a foreground stylish “object”, it will quickly find its place. In concerts, at festivals, big stages won’t scare it. Both in small venues and for small projects, the Nando 502 Wash will have its place thanks to its small size. Finally, for theaters that dream of having a silent, all-purpose fixture, it will also do the work required for backlighting, or from the front.

The Mamba in preview

Ayrton also revealed the prototype of the Mamba, an impressively powerful beam equipped with a 500 W laser source. Its front lens was deliberately limited to 250 mm to keep dimensions and weight reasonable (42 kg).

The Mamba, whose official launch is scheduled for the second quarter of 2024.

With its 0.6°–15° zoom, the Mamba is synonymous with raw power and dazzling brightness (more than 2,700,000 lux at 10 m).
Just like the Cobra, it is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, with an IP65 rating ensuring optimal performance even in the harshest conditions.

In terms of functionality, the Mamba offers the full set of Cobra features and new parameters, multiple cumulative prisms for new 3D effects: the fixture has 28 motors!
This robustness is combined with timeless elegance, making the Mamba not only a powerful beam but also a magnificent object on stage.

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Text by J.Valexis – Video by Allison Cussigh – Translation by Ted Hall

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