HK Audio ELEMENTS E 115 Sub D networked subwoofer

10 years ago, HK Audio set the standard in scalable line systems for live applications with the ELEMENTS series. Since then, the ELEMENTS family has become a well-established worldwide standard with well over 100,000 units sold.

Different ways to use the brand new E 115 Sub D with his tops.

With the new ELEMENTS E 115 Sub D system subwoofer, HK Audio is now not only meeting customer demand for increased bass performance and smart, contemporary features such as networkability, software-based remote control and Plug’n’Play Cardioid functionality the powerful audio controlling also impressively improves the mid and high-range reproduction of existing ELEMENTS systems.

A view of the rear side of the new sub housing the digital controller & the amps and giving access to the local knobs and the Cat5 ports for a remote control.

Compared to the previous subwoofer models in the ELEMENTS series, the new 15″ high-performance woofer, together with the 1500-watt power amplifier, delivers noticeably greater sound pressure and an extended low frequency response.
The new ELEMENTS E 115 Sub D now delivers a 900-watt power amplifier output to effortlessly drive up to three E 835 mid/high units.

The centerpiece of the new ELEMENTS E 115 Sub D system subwoofer is the integrated latest-generation digital controller. Compared to the previous analog filters, this allows extremely effective and detailed processing of the sound characteristics in both the bass and the mid-high frequency range.
This can be heard particularly impressively with the well-established E 435 and E 835 mid/high units, which play at a whole new level in terms of frequency response, resolution and radiation when operated with the ELEMENTS E 115 Sub D.

The remote control software driving the DSP inside the E 115 Sub D. Here the powerful EQ.

The new high-performance controller also provides the basis for a range of modern, practical features. This includes full networking capability for several ELEMENTS stacks or even for LINEAR 7 speaker models.
Using the HK Audio DSP CONTROL Software available for MacOS and Windows, even complex networks can be controlled conveniently and clearly from the FoH position.
It allows you to adjust the volume of the system and the lines, as well as a fully parametric 10-band EQ, tunable high and low pass filters, delay times, limiters and other parameters.

And here the main view showing the preset, the levels and the status of the amps.

A further highlight is the efficient, simple-to-use Cardioid bass function. To use it, simply connect an HK Audio LINEAR SUB 1500 A to the Cardioid Out of the ELEMENTS E 115 Sub D.
The result is a powerful focusing of the forward bass radiation with rear bass attenuation by app. 30 dB.

A power combo made of two E 115 Sub D and two E 835 mid/high units. The amplifier fitted inside the E 115 Sub D can drive up to three E 835.

Two 15” in cardioid mode to get the best rear attenuation and forward radiation.

Lars Reime

Lars Reime, Senior Product Manager at HK Audio, says: “The new HK Audio ELEMENTS E 115 Sub D not only stands out with its impressive bass experience, efficient Plug’n’Play Cardioid function, advanced networkability and professional controlling options.
It also takes the mid and high-range reproduction of existing ELEMENTS systems to a whole new level, thus considerably boosting sustainability and value retention”.

The ELEMENTS E 115 Sub D will be available in stores from November.

More information can be found on the HK Audio website

Facts & features:

High-performance 15″ system subwoofer with 2400 watts total power (1500 watts for bass and 900 watts for up to 3 E 835 mid/high units)
Integrated, network controllable DSP with 4 presets and Plug’n’Play Cardioid Out
Full control over all functions, EQ, limiter, delay, presets etc.
HK Audio DSP CONTROL software for full compatibility with LINEAR 7, can be operated together with LINEAR 7 speakers in the same network.
Subwoofer can be expanded with the LINEAR SUB 1500 A, also as a Cardioid setup
Perfect expansion for existing ELEMENTS users thanks to compatibility with E 835/435 and the EP-1/2 and EF-45 accessories
Extremely simple handling: even a large Cardioid setup with two 15″ basses and three E835s can be transported in a station wagon and set up by a single person.
5-year manufacturer warranty after registration here

Technical data:

Max. SPL @ 10 % THD: 128 dB, 90 Hz, half space
Max. SPL Peak @ 10 % THD: 125 dB, 40 Hz – X-Over, half space
Frequency response +/-3 dB: 48 Hz – X-over
Frequency response -10 dB: 44 Hz – X-over
Power amplifier output Bass: 1,500 watts
Power amplifier output column: 900 watts
Amplifier type: Class D
Bass speaker: 1 x 15″
Active x-over frequency: 160 Hz
Analog inputs: 1x XLR combo balanced
Analog Thru: 1x XLR balanced
Cardioid output: 1x XLR balanced
Network port: Ethercon RJ45, 1x In, 1x Thru
Filter presets: 1x E 835, 2x E 835, 3x E 835, Remote
Remote software: DSP CONTROL (Windows, MacOS)
DSP functions: Fully parametric 10-band EQ with variable filter characteristics, High-Pass Filter, Low-Pass Filter, Polarity, Level, Delay, Limiter, Mute
Sample rate: 96 kHz
System latency: 2.6 ms
Mains connection: 1x Powercon NAC3 In, 100–240 V
Speaker outputs: 1x E-Connect, 1x Speakon
Carrying handles: 2x MultiGrip
Housing: MDF
Finish: Water-based paint, black
Front grille: 2 mm metal grille backed with black acoustic foam
Dimensions (WxHxD): 48.5 x 48.5 x 59.5 cm
Weight: 29.6 kg

Crédits - Text and Photos: HK Audio

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