Li.LAC, the microphone disinfector made in Germany

Li.Lac is the fastest and simplest way to take care of the microphones hygiene trough controlled exposure to ultraviolet light inside a rugged & road-ready professional 19” 3U rack. Once placed on the stainless-steel grille and closed the irradiation chamber, the process can be initiated.
The grille can accommodate up to three handheld mics or handheld transmitters. It is also possible to disinfect other items like headsets, lavalier microphones, beltpacks etc.

Lavalier mics ready to go.

A disinfection cycle takes 5 to 10 minutes, albeit 2 additional minutes of pre-heating time might apply for cold UV-C lamps.

The two 254nm UV-C lamps hid behind a protective screen.

The irradiation chamber is equipped with customized UV-C mirrors on all boundaries for optimized energy distribution of the two 16W and 254nm UV-C germicidal lamps offering long lifetime, high efficiency and ozone-free.
The lamps health status is monitored to verify and ensure correct operation and a safety switch immediately shuts off the device if the UV-C chamber gets opened during cleaning cycle.

The intuitive color coding.

Li.LAC has an intuitive control panel with colour display:

Violet = disinfection is running and UV-C lights are active

Green = disinfection completed

Red = error (chamber opened too early or UV-C lamp error)


The UV-C irradiance inside Li.Lac, by any means homogeneous but offering the highest exposition to the grid and foam, a well known bacteria “nest”.

The departments Biomedical Engineering and Medical Microbiology & Infection Prevention of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) have conducted comprehensive scientific studies to evaluate the effectiveness of Li.LAC.

Viruses were sprayed onto microphones, similar to singing into the mic. The results show a reduction of 99.3% of the viral load on strongly contaminated microphones (including the metal grille and foam underneath) after 10 minutes irradiation inside Li.LAC. For additional proof of effectiveness, click on this link

Long-time impact of UV-C light

Any kind of intense cleaning procedure (soap & water, alcohol or UVC light) has a long-term effect on the materials used in or on microphones. Different kinds of plastics and the outer appearance (color / gloss) especially, can be altered or degraded by “too much cleaning”.

Two well known mics tested 500 to 1500 cycles and showing no audio nor cosmetic wearing. Numerous tests with various microphones have been performed inside Li.LAC to evaluate the long-time impact of UV-C light. The results show that the aging effect implied by UV-C disinfection inside Li.LAC is negligible compared to the normal aging that happens to the microphones by mechanical impacts, dirt, humidity etc.

Li.LAC is engineered and produced in Germany.


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Text: SLU & Lac Labs - Photos: Lac Labs

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