MAG Audio launched MAG MUST, a New Scalable System Solution

MAG Audio launched the MAG MUST, an innovative system solution based on the Wasp line array model and created to optimize the stock and shipping capacity for rental companies, during a special event at the NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium, Kyiv, Ukraine.

The audience facing the system and the stage. Pretty far by the way.

MAG MUST, short for Multiple Uniform Sound Technology, is a scalable line-array based solution to create a uniform sound dispersion in a hall or arena of any size. A turnkey solution for the customer, MAG MUST is the total package, complete with every piece of equipment necessary starting from speakers and amplifiers to cases and cables, not to mention free training, technical support, and marketing support.

The Wasp, two 8” and a 2,8” driver, 22 kg and existing as a 70° for a long throw and 110° for short, is the key component of the MAG MUST package.

MAG’s CEO Alexander Khasin explains it best: “Today’s sound rental companies often have a diverse clientele with diverse needs, forcing them to have a wide variety of speakers and arrays to fit varying event sizes and spaces.
They have to have in stock a multiplicity of products. With MAG MUST, you have a one-stop line and array that can serve the needs of any client, regardless of the event’s demands. MAG MUST will save invaluable time and money by offering streamlined services in the form of a singular product.”

MAG MUST offers the opportunity to optimize the stock while offering maximum flexibility in both logistics and storage and is based on the versatile and compact WASP line array, which has been proven to show excellent results in small venues and large concert tours alike. WASP cabinets are supported with a range of raised or ground-stacked subwoofers.

The stage with an impressive end fire array of 48 H24 stacked in front of it, some very powerful hybrid horn subs reaching 149,5 dB of SPL Max. Also easy to spot, the first raw of delays and in the very middle of it, the FOH.

MAG MUST takes advantage of the state-of-the-art amplification solution provided by Powersoft, with whom MAG Audio shares a long history of partnership, most notably with the most advanced cinema subwoofer in the market today, the THOR. Powersoft X series amplifiers provide MAG MUST with a flexible speaker architecture, so users receive a complete system capable of handling any event from the get-go.

Some of the highlighted MAG MUST advantages include:

– A « one system fits all » array, removing the need for a diverse stock or complex logistics.
– A scalability for the deployment of a distributed sound system, which, especially for large events like stadiums or city squares, will dramatically reduce the amount of reflected sound and reverberation time.
– An optimal usage of a rental company’s stock, with a single system, allowing the equipment to spend more time at events, and less time sitting in a warehouse
– A more gradual business growth, allowing companies to purchase additional equipment which will be 100% compatible with their current products, providing business owners with maximum flexibility in their investment choices.

The stage with the two endless main hangs comprising of, per side, 24 Wasp and behind them, 12 S-12 low extension cabinets.

One large demo took place at Kyiv’s NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium featuring up to 176 Wasp, 68 S-12 bass extension cabinets and 48 H28 subs. Ease 3 shows the quality of the sound pressure level obtained on the targeted zone.

12 hangs of Wasp charged by his low extension companion S-12 and turbocharged thanks to 48 H28 subs, can deliver a uniform sound pressure level within 3dB on a very large zone.

Check the Mag Audio short movie of that very day at Kyiv’s NSC Olimpiyskiy Stadium.

MAG Audio, headquartered in Bila Tserkva near Kiev in Ukraine, is the largest speaker manufacturer in Eastern Europe. Since its creation in 1991, it’s one of the few manufacturers producing its own transducers and high-frequency drivers, using components from world-class suppliers.
Today, MAG Audio produces a wide range of passive and powered speakers, including portable, installation and rental & touring systems. Made exclusively in Europe, MAG Audio’s products are known for their sound quality and power capacity, backed up by a 5-year warranty, and with a flexible pricing policy.

For more information, please visit Mag Audio website

Crédits - Text and Photos: Mag Audio

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