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The full-range passive two-way RCF X MAX series has been designed as a multi-purpose speaker, to achieve the best nearfield quality, vocal coherence, and a stable tonal balance even at full volume.

The X Max 10.

X MAX series builds on the heritage of the popular RCF MAX series to create a complete range of solutions for high-powered applications in bars, party rooms, clubs, and discos.

The elegant and compact design with accurate finishing makes it suitable for almost any environment and architectural constraints.
The cabinet and its components are designed inside RCF’s laboratories combining low resonant design and superior transducers, for remarkable power handling and clarity.

The X MAX Series features a custom-designed mid-freq shaping for close distance listening on a perfectly tuned crossover to ensure even coverage and detail of the vocal range and the best frequency and phase response. The LICC crossover design includes electronic protection on high-frequency driver.

The directivity index of the Max 10. The lows are clearly omnidirectional before the 10” begins to focus its energy forward, before being joined by the driver.

The directivity index of the Max 12 showing a smooth shaping of the mid-high response with just a little accident at 1800 Hz, where woofer and driver briefly « melt » together.

The excellent contruction quality of the X Max Series.

The cabinets are built-in plywood coated with black textured acrylic paint. A sturdy powder-coated metal grille protects the front, and an acoustically transparent sound foam backing on the inside of the grille ensures protection from dust and humidity.

The X Max 10 without the front grille. 8 screws and the horn and drive assembly can be rotated by 90°.

The base of each speaker includes a robust steel pole socket for mounting on a stand or a subwoofer pole. Threaded inserts are provided on all sides for optional mounting hardware. Included are multiple rigging points to fly the speakers for maximum architectural freedom in any installation.

The rotatable 90°x70° horn allows installation either vertically or horizontally for the best versatility in any environment and architectural constraint.
Both models feature 1,4” compression driver with electronic protection, X MAX 10 boasts a 10” woofer and delivers a maximum SPL of 128 dB SPL with a total power handling of 700 W. The 12” woofer equipped X MAX 12, reaches a maximum SPL of 129 dB SPL with a total power handling of 800 W.

The excellent Max 10 on axis response, showing a smooth yet a bit skinny low, good mid and high frequency reproduction. A sub will add extra energy and extension to the bass produced by the 10”.

Same comment albeit the 12” will be able to produce a nice low end without the need of a sub for certain applications.

To get the best out of the X MAX speakers and precisely tailor their sound, RCF recommends using the DX 4008 digital processor and the IPS 2700, a Class H amplifier delivering the right power to tackle them.

The DX4008. 4 inputs, 8 outputs, good converters and DSP ressources to fine tune and additionally protect the X MAX.

The IPS2700 amplifier. Class H, 2×1100 at 4 ohm and 2×700 at 8, simple and robust, spot on for driving the X MAX.

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