Martin Announces Torus speakers and 3D Prediction Soft

Deux T1215 ouvrant verticalement à 15° et en bas de l’array, un module T1230 qui offre le double, une façon très simple de couvrir verticalement 60° tout en gagnant un contour appréciable dans le grave. Naturellement 2 dB séparent les deux modèles avec 128 dB de SPL Max pour T1215.

It took three years of work for engineers at Martin Audio to imagine, calculate, model and finalize Torus, the company’s first constant curvature array.

For applications that typically require a throw between 15-30m (50-100ft), a full-blown line array is not always practical, optimal or affordable. Conversely, a point source solution may not be sufficient in coverage and SPL.
Torus is a constant curvature array designed to fill that gap, combining optimised coverage, SPL profile and cost efficiency.

However, Dom Harter, managing director, said, “It is much more than just another constant curvature array. Torus was in development for three years in an exhaustive bid to further the acoustic concept and performance achievable.

Dom Harter le directeur général de Martin Audio lors du lancement virtuel mais pour autant officiel de Torus et Display 3.

“Typically, constant curvature arrays have adjustable horizontal dispersion but their performance can vary considerably in terms of tonality and effectiveness of coverage when different dispersions are selected.

Equally, many lack sufficient sensitivity in the mid-band frequency, critically important for voice projection and clarity. They also can suffer from comb filtering. Torus fundamentally addresses these areas and more.”

Each Torus cabinet is designed for a flexible horizontal dispersion pattern and this can be manually adjusted between 90°, 60° or 75° (asymmetrical) via the unique Dynamic Horn Flare™.

Une vue en détail du Dynamic Horn Flare alimenté par trois moteurs de 1,4” à dôme en polymère HT, un guide pouvant être réglé manuellement entre une ouverture symétrique de 90 et 60° ou bien asymétrique de 75°.

This not only moves and locks the waveguide but also adjusts the horn mouth, including the low diffraction termination into the baffle, to ensure correct geometry and optimal performance in each of those settings.

The Dynamic Horn Flare™ is moved by a rotating mechanism accessible from the front grille so is easy and intuitive, while leaving the grille design to be both smart and fully protective of the drivers within.

Un des quatre mécanismes permettant de modifier la dispersion et accessible sans besoin d’outil depuis la face avant de l’enceinte.

A vertical pattern of either 15° or 30° is achieved via two separate cabinet types: T1215 and T1230, respectively. These cabinets can also be combined to fit venue and coverage requirements.

Torus features a phase plug mounted in front of the 12” neodymium driver to increase mid-band sensitivity and allowing the crossover point to be pushed slightly higher before three 1.4” HF polymer dome neodymium compression drivers takes over.

Le 12” partiellement recouvert par une pièce de mise en phase, une solution intelligente pour obtenir du gain dans le médium et ainsi profiter de petits moteurs dans leur zone de confort pour générer un haut sans aucune coloration.

The sonic performance is not compromised even when driven at higher SPL, and a lot of very clean and undistorted high frequencies are generated.

Pour découvrir Torus avec un film :

Display 3

Torus is also the first product to take full advantage of Display 3, Martin Audio’s all new prediction and optimisation software, and the second big announcement from the event.

Display 3 is set to be a powerful tool for both live and installation projects. It works seamlessly with Sketchup for sophisticated venue modelling, or allows for more simple venue and shape creation.

Martin Audio Une version bêta déjà bien aboutie de Display 3 !

Initially, Display 3 will natively support prediction and optimisation of Torus, with line arrays being imported from Display 2. Over time, however, Display 3 will incorporate all Martin Audio line array, point source, ceiling and subwoofer solutions for a complete self-contained system design, prediction and optimisation platform.

Et pour avoir un aperçu des fonctions de Display 3 en…3 minutes, cliquez ci-dessous :

Summing up, Harter said, “These two major announcements show both the resilience and the ambition of the company. Through the pandemic we had a proactive approach with the continuation of R&D investment and the belief that companies that consistently add value to their customers will have a brighter future.
The introduction of Torus enables Martin Audio to compete in more applications and Display 3 will develop further to be a leading 3D design and prediction software that enhances the working lives of installation and live event professionals.”

Torus will start shipping worldwide from April and similarly, Display 3, still beta, will have a public release at that time.

For more information on Torus and Display 3 visit the Martin Audio website


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