The latest Claypaky products for 2021 on a virtual stand

In this period of the current health crisis, which is still disrupting the international trade shows, Claypaky has come out with a virtual trade show stand full of new products.
Take an hour of your time to delve into the nooks and crannies of this site, where you’ll find videos of product presentations and tutorials, photos and product features.

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The 2021 lineup includes an exciting Mini Xtylos HPE, an all-weather Xtylos Aqua, an interchangeable Arolla Profile and Spot with a 470 W LED engine, a 3-layer LED effects batten, a base with limitless pan rotation for static fixtures, a precision LED PAR from ADB for the theater, and more.

Mini Xtylos HPE

Following up on the Xtylos, Claypaky is now offering its laser source technology in two new luminaires: the spectacular Mini Xtylos HPE for all types of venues and the Xtylos Aqua, which is IP66-rated to withstand outdoor weather conditions.

The Mini-Xtylos.

The Mini Xtylos HPE is more compact, much lighter (9 kg) and more energy efficient (90 VA at 230 Volts) than the Xtylos, with its 20 W source consisting of three diodes emitting in Red, Green and Blue, the mixing of which allows the creation of a full range of colors through additive synthesis. Its exclusive TURBO system allows it to emit a beam with saturated and deep colors, with unparalleled energy and a linear CTO.

This Mini Xtylos does not incorporate gobos but, in order to create spectacular aerial effects, it includes a 1°–4° zoom, continuous pan rotation combined with 270° tilt, two rotating prisms and an interchangeable frost. Its intensity can reach 24 million candelas at an angle of 1°.

Xtylos Aqua

Similar in every way to the original Xtylos, the IP66-rated Xtylos Aqua offers marine-grade protection against the elements and is equipped with a fan to eliminate condensation from the output lens, for consistent performance. It can therefore be used in any conditions, indoors or outdoors.

Xtylos Aqua, IP66.

Arolla Profile MP | Arolla Spot MP

In the Arolla range, following up on the HP (High Power) series equipped with a 1200 W LED source, Claypaky launches the MP (Medium Power) series in Spot and Profile versions with a 470 W white LED engine and a luminous flux of up to 22,000 lm, all in a very compact and light format (25 kg).
The distinctive feature of this series is the eSWAP concept, i.e. the interchangeability of the framing module and a gobo module to switch from Profile to Spot or vice versa. The electronics recognize which module is installed and configure it automatically without user intervention in the control menu.

Arolla Profile MP.

Claypaky, has equipped the Arolla Profile MP fixture with a 6°–50° zoom, a linear CMY+CTO color mixing system combined with a seven-color wheel that includes an 88+ CRI enhancement filter. The source has a native color temperature of 6000 K.

In terms of effects, the Arolla Profile MP comes with a framing module, a wheel with seven rotating gobos that, thanks to the exclusive “Go-Bright” technology, do not waste light or change color when inserted into the beam.

The fixture also includes an animation wheel and a 4-facet rotating prism. For beam control, there is an iris, a variable frost, and a 24-bit dimmer with four dimming curves. To cool the LED engine, five fan speed modes are available: 1200 – 800 – 600 – Silent – Theater.

Tambora Batten

The Tambora Batten LED fixture offers advanced pixel mapping capabilities and a three-layer operation option. With this feature, the operator can choose to use three levels of effects simultaneously, such as background color, internal sequence, and mapped video content from an external source – switching between all layers quickly and easily to create complex effects quickly.

Tambora Batten

With the Tambora Batten, you can also obtain two different visual effects by choosing between two output lens options, the round lens being more suitable for graphic effects, and the square lens for aerial effects with its uniform, defined beam. The two lens options are interchangeable.

Tambora Batten with round lenses.

Tambora Batten with square lenses.

The 16 Osram 40 W RGBW LEDs are independently controllable in terms of color, intensity and strobe frequency. Multiple units can be arranged in a row or matrix while maintaining an equal distance between the LED sources, whether they are side by side or in a cluster.

Tambora Batten features a 4°–50° linear zoom with automatic retraction/repositioning in the absence of a DMX signal, a 24-bit dimmer with five response curves, a motorized tilt with a range of over 220°, color temperature correction from 2500 K to 8000 K, beam edge softening control for uniform washes, an anti-halo accessory, and four operating modes.



Claypaky introduces an innovative and useful tool for when you need to move a static fixture in a panning motion or in continuous rotation. Panify is IP66-rated and works in any position.

Fixtures without motorized pan such as the Tambora Batten or the Mini-B PARLED Aqua from Claypaky come to mind, but Panify can be adapted to most of the static fixtures of other brands on the market, as long as their weight does not exceed 30 kg.
When the load is less than 20 kg, Panify can rotate at up to 50 rpm. Its maximum speed of rotation becomes 22 rpm for loads exceeding 20 kg.

The Panify has two power connectors: one input for itself and one for the fixture that it holds. Thanks to its crossbar design, power and DMX data are routed to the fixture without risk to the cables during continuous rotation. PANIFY draws about 150 W, requires only a few DMX channels to operate and can receive wireless DMX. Panify is not limited to lighting fixtures; it can be used to transform scenery, signs, displays and more.

ADB Actoris ParLed

Designed to meet the growing demand for small, quiet and efficient fixtures, the ADB Actoris ParLed weighs only 6 kilograms and is 306 mm long. The first fixture in a specialized theater line, this product features an RGBWW LED source, which produces warm color temperatures with a CRI >90, perfect for matching any skin tone or scenery on stage, as well as offering natural pastel colors. The white range is adjustable from 2500 K to 6500 K.


The use of a special warm-white LED does not diminish the light output: Actoris ParLed is able to deliver a flux of 3,400 lumens. It provides extremely quiet operation, thanks to the use of special axial fans, and features a motorized zoom that can be varied from 4° to 53°, a 24-bit electronic dimmer with five response curves, four operating modes, and optional shutters and a frost filter holder.



CloudIO is a cloud-based IoT device that provides service technicians with full diagnostics of most Claypaky units and enables firmware updates.
As of version, CloudIO can also read settings from all RDM-enabled devices, regardless of brand.

Mini-B, Midi-B, Mini-B Parled Aqua in WW (Warm White) versions

Claypaky has added a Warm White RGBW LED version to its Mini-B series, featuring a warm color temperature of 3200 K. The Mini-B WW, Midi-B WW, Mini-B ParLed Aqua WW feature the same power as the original models. They produce warm tones to properly render the skin tones of performers on stage.

Mini-B and Midi-B.

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