Cameo launches the Evos W7 Wash light and the Opus X Profile spot with framing system

Created only seven years ago and first associated with the DJ-oriented device market, the Cameo brand now unveils new products belonging to a resolutely professional category.
Fabrice Dayan, Product Specialist Light Technology for the south-eastern area, introduces them to us.

First contact with the Evos W7, new Wash light with matrixable LEDs.

The Evos W7 is a wash / beam type moving head, capable of generating a light beam over an opening range with angle specs between 4.5 and 34 °. This device is equipped with 19 LED 40W RGBW sources, and claims a light output of 10,500 lumens.

One of its other particularities is the use of a low color temperature for white, with a Color Rendering Index greater than 90. It can be controlled by many protocols: DMX (RDM), Art- Net, sACN, Kling-Net. Its 19 LED sources can be independently controlled and animated thanks to a seemingly well-stocked macro bank.
The Evos W3 is a variation of the W7, with 7 LED sources of 40 W.

Here’s another machine that is entering the Cameo Pro range, the Opus X Profile (pronounced “Opus ten”), it is a beautiful moving head comprising a 700 W dimmable LED module, announcing a 33,000 lumens luminous flux.
This very complete moving head integrates a CMY color mixing system, a linear CTC corrector variable between 2,600 K and 6,500 K, a 6 °- 46 ° extended zoom, a framing system module with 4 blades motorized both in positioning and rotation, as well as all the focusing and classic effects that can be found nowadays inside projectors of this type (prisms, rotating gobos, effect wheel, progressive frost …).

The only Opus X Profile item being hung up quite high, we just could wave at it from a distance!

Some Deep Throat advisor whispered in our ear that special care was taken during the development of the framing module to obtain a very correct focus edge on all 4 blades at the same time. Cameo also points out that the maintenance / disassembly aspect has been optimized on this device with a system of cassettes and connectors, quick to handle.

Small « nomad » and wireless projector still in the final development phase, the B4 will have a very wide range of colors.

Let’s end this up with the B4, a small autonomous LED projector equipped with 4 RGB + W + A + UV LED chips of 15 W. It is provided with a battery (manufactured by LG) providing 12 hours of work time at full power.
The B4 is obviously equipped with wireless DMX, it is supplied with a kit of several lenses to give a beam choice 22, 32 or 40 °. Its little brother, the B1 will integrate only one LED, but will be equipped with a brand new magnetic fixing system.

All these products will be available during 2020, Q1.

More information on the Cameo Website


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Text & photos: Jérôme Boutié

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