4 billion views wonder Maitre Gims shines through, thanks to PRG Pure10 screen

You might have not heard of Maitre Gims, aka GIMS as he recently chose to shorten his artist name, a bit like Chris(tine and the Queens) did. That's the only common point, as Chris does enjoy total international success, as Gims is merely touring France and french speaking countries. This might change a bit, though, as he's just completed a duet with Sting.
He's on his Fuego Tour all over France with an original, very open stage scenery, the first time in France this innovative semi-transparent sliding PRG dual screen is used. The video team is also using innovative and interactive tricks for more visual and content excitement, and the tech team as a whole is a remarkably tight-knit family.
Here’s the full all movin’ and slidin’ story.

3,906,637,073 views and 7,729,371 subscribers as at today! These numbers are increasing real fast nowadays, as this Wunderkid, on a sold-out tour since end of 2018, is now aiming at the 80,000+ capacity Stade de France final gig on September 28th.
The so-called “Fuego Tour” started November 17 in Epernay after a few days of on-site pre-production and adjustments. We were able to discover some weeks later the whole kit of scenic and artistic bells and whistles of this huge tour for France (nine trailers filled right to the brim), during the Lyon gig at Halle Tony Garnier.

Screens and transparency

Thierry Kra and Valérie Cuno from PRG, standing in front of a half-screen in totally open position stageright back.

I meet in front of the stage Valérie Cuno (Chief Marketing Officer) and Detlev Klockow (Team Leader Marketing, Germany) of PRG, which provides the LED screen models PURE10 and MC7.

SLU : Valerie, this is the first time since the U2 tour that the Pure10 screen is touring. Can you tell us more?


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