Automated in-line LED luminaire

Ayrton MagicBlade-R… There’s magic in the “R”

Once again Ayrton is in the spotlight with a new product presented at Prolight+Sound 2014 and it’s already been a big hit.
The MagicBlade-R, a moving-head luminaire with seven LED emitters arranged in-line, may look familiar but it has little in common with its older brother, the RollaPix. This member of the RADICAL product line, has a single row of seven 67-mm diameter 4.5º collimator optics coupled with 15W RGBW Ostar Stage LEDs, famous for producing long-range tight beams.

Ayrton MagicBlade-R

In addition. based on the solid success of continuous pan-and-tilt rotation achieved with MagicPanel™602, Ayrton decided to add it to this unusual luminaire to enhance creative potential.  Yvan Peard, Ayrton's products designer explained that manufacturing it was more complicated than expected, because even though the tilt-axis did not require any physical modification, the pan rotation required removing the two attachment points on either side, thereby causing a cantilevered effect. This called for a redesign of the entire base of the fixture by building a chassis that was resistant to any torsion caused by the swinging motion of the head. The electronics were also entirely revised according to the latest developments.

What’s inside

MagicBlade-R is equipped with seven 15W RGBW LED emitters and like all products in the “R” line, it is recognisable by the distinctive 67mm diameter collimators that generate extremely tight beams.








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