TEST BENCH: WASH LED moving head luminaire



There are now three models in the Wildsun 500 moving head wash family of luminaires. The 500C, the first in the range, RGBW with a 11° - 45° zoom and an average white of 4000K has met with true success and has already been adopted in the Dushow and Phase 4 parks, among others, and has also been included in the kit for the Bruce Springsteen tour with Morpheus. There is also the 500S (S for Stage), RGBW, with a tighter 8° to 40° zoom and a cooler white at 6700K to provide extra pep to the beams. It is this model that we have chosen to look at more closely.

There are also the K, ultra bright, white light, with one (very high power) 3000K warm white diode under each optic for the K3, a single cool white 7000K diode for the K7 and four white chips, two of which at 3000 K and two at 7000 K for the KD, which offers a range of whites.

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