Chauvet Professional: led PAR, Profile spots and Fresnel French premiere

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Premiere at latest French JTSE exhibition on Chauvet France booth, with Albert Chauvet himself, and interesting newbies like a 230 W led PAR56, two profiles with CRI of 96 in warm white and two Fresnels, quite a lot to discover!
The French subsidiary had a dedicated bigger “black booth” in addition to their standard one, with Albert Chauvet in person welcoming visitors, and a contortionist as physical and moving support to demonstrate the quality and versatility of the light.

The led PAR Ovation P-56WW.

Let’s start with the revisited good ol’PAR56, named here Ovation P-56WW in warm white 3422K (this IS precise color temperature indeed). It can also provide variable white under the evocative name P-56VW, or in color with FC suffix, or even UV.

They all contain a 230 W led engine, and offer a choice of several lens apertures: 24°, 39° or even a wide 81°. They’re controlled in bidirectional DMX-RDM, quite easy to use nowadays…

The two IP65 profile models in the same Ovation range are ready to project Santa Claus, Happy New Year, Eastern Rabbit, Your Very Own Logo or whatever will spring to mind for outdoor significant seasonal or long-lasting messages.

The first one, the Ovation E-260 WW IP, in 3149K warm white, is equipped with a 230 W led module with a CRI of 96.
The other one, the Ovation E-910 FC IP, comes with a 91 x 3 W led module with 5 chromatic colors: RGB + Amber + Lime, providing not only a large choice of colors, saturated or pastels, but also a tunable color temperature between 2800K and 6500K, although with a CRI not exceeding 82.

Last but not least, let’s go back indoor with two IP20 Fresnels mainly focussed on the quality of their variable white.

The Ovation Fresnel F-415VW…

The smallest model Ovation F-415VW (120 W) has a color temperature widely tunable between 2800K and 8000K, thanks to 46 leds from 3 to 4 W depending on the primary color: RGB, royal blue, orange.
According to the kind of white you choose, the CRI itself will evolve from 89 and 93. This Ovation F-415, with its zoom 27° – 68° zoom, is available in Full Color version as well.

… and the Ovation F-915VW

The bigger brother Ovation F-915VW (260 W), only available in variable white, uses an array of 89 leds, 3 W each, in red, orange/red, green, blue, royal blue and lime. The span of the color temperature adjustment is the same as the previous model, between 2800K and 8000K, with a CRI between 88 and 92. The zoom ratio is even bigger, from 30° to 85°.
Both models can be controlled in DMX-RDM, with various dimming curve options, more than welcome for very precise theatre applications.

More info on the Chauvet Professional website.

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Text: Bruno P. Souchaud. Video: Allison Cussigh.

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